cleaning the psychic house

So I cleaned my car this weekend. I mean I really cleaned it. Including scrubbing the carpets (which unfortunately did not disengage the dried on gummy products). And Tuesday I have an appointment with Madame Fabu to organize my work. Because Gill does basic housekeeping this will mean that for the first time since I can remember, not one part of my life will be disorganized or in disarray. This scares the living hell out of me. (Im serious, there was a brief period in 1994 that I didnt have enough stuff to be disordered, but I dont remember this as a good thing.) There is a theory that we keep our houses and surroundings as a mirror of our psyches. The more cluttered our areas are, the more stuff we have shoved aside in our minds. But I havent had any great revelation mentally that will actually support a psychic cleansing. I only cleaned the car because Norm graduated to a booster seat. I dont know what is coming and Im afraid a shoe is going to drop and it is going to drop hard. I feel kind of vulnerable about all this but I really really want to put the outer stuff in order. The disorder is suffocating. (and kind of smelly) (ok really smelly) (fermenting beverages and the likes)(and a petrified hot dog stub which disturbed the HELL out of me) (dont anyone judge me, three spider monkeys in a car just bodes no good). I just am not sure what is hiding behind it all, and I dont know that I want to find out.


4 Responses to cleaning the psychic house

  1. Jesse says:

    That’s interesting. I am a cluttery type person and my surrounds are usually quite disheveld.

  2. crse says:

    Thats very interesting considering youve just moved to a new place. Moving always brings up psychic house stuff for me…

  3. Canada says:

    My car – very clean. My house – very clean. Kitchen counters – very clean, clutter free. And it’s a constant de-clutter thing (husband, kids). The kids’ stuff – well, they keep making messes, and I keep making them tidy. And then I finish. I like order, and precisely placed things (Hubby cleans the bathroom, but keeps putting the toothbrush holder, cup, soap dish back in the worong spot – drives me crazy!!!). I think I’m a touch OCD. Or I watch too many decorating shows.

    My closets and drawers and kitchen cupboards, however? Disaster!!! What does this say about me? That to the outside world, I’m very organized and in control, but the real me is completely out of control? Hmmmm . . . people can read palms and tea leaves, I wonder if there’s someone who can read closets?

  4. luckybuzz says:

    Whatever it is that’s hiding behind all that, I’ll bet it’s even cooler than you can imagine right now. 🙂

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