Psychic house update

Is the reason I dont decorate the house because Im afraid the house is going to be repossessed? Hmmm…food for thought. After a financial moment of truth this weekend, I seriously considered getting a part time job to supplement the income. Masters degree and seven years of specialized experience aside, I thought the best fit for me would be a video store or the movie theater. I ran this past Norm and his response was “absolutely not. we dont spend enough time together as it is”. His father on the other hand was like, “cool, we could get free movies…” On a positive note, my car is still clean (although it has developed a faint urine smell that nobody seems to want to cop to).


5 Responses to Psychic house update

  1. Jesse says:

    I was a video store lacky for nearly 4 years.

    It is amazing fun for the first few months. Then the late fee crazy starts to set in and you are transformed into a bitter hateful person who gives everyone the stink eye and judges people poorly when they rent the latest romantic comedy.

  2. factor 10 says:

    When I told Big O that I was changing jobs, he was very disappointed that I would not be driving the garbage trucks. He told me he thought it would be cooler if I worked at the Gas Station (?). Got to make sure that boy goes to college…

  3. crse says:

    Jesse, I already judge people poorly when they rent the latest romantic comedy so Im half there!
    F10, thats hilarious! My nephew wanted to be a garbage man, and my stepsister was like, “hey its a union job, you could do worse!”

  4. Canada says:

    Corwin either wants to drive a rig, or a dump truck, or a digger. Or be a doctor. At least he’s leaving his options open! (Clara wants to be a mom and a teacher, she’s marrying her best friend Holly and they are both adopting twins. A set each. I haven’t had the heart to tell he that she’s nuts!)

    And as for the faint tang of urine? Accuse YLH, see if he can meet your eyes! (tee hee – you know I’m kidding)

  5. Pippajo says:

    Hey, speaking of Tang and urine…oh never mind…

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