I heart my new toothbrush

Ok Im completely freaking out my spouse with this but I have to tell the world I LOVE MY NEW SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH. I am not going into a whole oral history (hahahahaha get it? oral history? hahahahahaha). Im not going into how or why I ended up with a forty dollar toothbrush that scared the hell out of me two days ago. Im just going to tell you this toothbrush has changed my whole outlook about my dental future. Those saturn commercials about the saturn cult people? I seriously googled to see if there is a similar one for this toothbrush. Its THAT awesome. So far, they don’t have one. So far. This toothbrush is so great, we were at dinner tonight and GS asked what i was thinking about and I had to tell him, I was thinking about getting home and brushing my teeth. He thinks its a sign of pathology. I think he is jealous of my amazing dental experience.

(edited to add) Sonicare. Isnt it beautiful? They range in price from 25 dollars to 125 dollars. Needless to say mine was 25 bucks. It looks like a violent little thing, but it really could not be more gentle. Im not sure where the water comes from (sonically generated? good enough for me!) but it doesnt feel like you are getting sprayed. Its more like “hey, my mouth is full of water! How about that?” Oh succumb to the pleasure of it. Im the queen. No the goddess of buyer’s remorse and I will not live long enough to regret this toothbrush.


3 Responses to I heart my new toothbrush

  1. Pippajo says:

    I am ashamed.

    I know, it’s too little, too late.

    But I’m still the FIRST!!!

  2. Jesse says:

    My toothbrush is pink and has little rubber gum massagers that freaked me out when I first started using it.

    No electricity though.

  3. crse says:

    Oh Pippa, its not. Its so not too late. Its about the toothbrush baby! Dont be ashamed. The failing as i said….was mine. For being the first, you could one day win a free toothbrush!

    See Jesse: I feel like your statement was like a signed contract between us. “I understand about the toothbrush and its ok” is the gist of it. Beautiful. Thank you Jesse. Again.

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