The master of social grace

Did I mention my brother and his family were staying this weekend? So as everyone is winding down from the long stretch of festivities this evening, Norm comes running in SOBBING. Because his cousin, lets call her sybil (her mom does…), was “mean” to her. Immediately afterwards, Sybil herself comes running in also sobbing. After prying them off their subsequent parents (GS happened to be the object of Norm’s flinging into the mercy of the universe) it was discovered that norm was completely crushed because he wanted to sit in his chair and sybil didnt want to get off but offered to share. Despite this attempt at compromise, norm (who has had too much fair, too much birthday party and too much of everything) was inconsolably shattered by not getting his own way. After much coaching on both sides(during which wiser minds decided it might be time to head back home) norm approached his cousin, thanked her for coming, apologized for his part in the misunderstanding and then added…”but you still have to leave now”


8 Responses to The master of social grace

  1. luckybuzz says:

    Love it. You can totally use that line on us next time we’re there: “it was great to see you, but you still have to leave now.” 🙂

  2. Canada says:

    “Hit the road, Sybil!!!”

    I feel for Norm – I’ve been watching this overload of too much summer, too much school-anticipation stress, and too much together time with his sister just wreak havoc on Corwin for the past few days. Which has also been really fucking miserable for me. Tomorrow, the unknown (where is his class, what does his desk look like, how far is the bathroom from the classroom, will all day school be scary, etc) will be known, and life can return to some semblance of normal. And I can blog again!!!

    I miss you! And Luckybuzz. And . . . many others.

  3. Mama Duck says:

    ROTFL!! That’s why I’m spreading out his birthday festivities….

  4. gretchen says:

    I miss my boys!!! I wish I could quit my job and become the full-time nanny! (There’s a sit-com in there somewhere)

  5. Ash says:

    I can feel the love. My Lei would probably do the same thing. Actually, My husband would probably do the same thing as well.

  6. factor 10 says:

    Ah, the honesty of children…My son is compelled to announce and speculate upon any strange smells…Did I mention that he has no volume control?
    Norm is way ahead of the game if he managed the first part of the goodbye! The second part just added a little flavor!

  7. Jesse says:

    Chairs are important business. If someone would not let me sit in my big chair I’d probably have a little hissy fit too. Or I’d just pick them up and move them somewhere else.

  8. Pippajo says:

    Okay, I keep visiting your site over and over looking for your TT, but keep coming up empty. Get the lead out, lady! WHERE IS YOUR LIST?

    Can’t you find something to neglect so you can give us awesome losers (and by us I mean me) our next fix?


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