So im finally coming back from a BRUTAL bout with the flu. Ive been sicker? but never in so much pain in my life. It was like a chronic 48 hour migraine. Noise hurt. Light hurt. I missed my very first Thursday Thirteen. AND DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE ENERGY TO CARE. Anyway, i just wanted to shout out and apologize directly to Pippajo for letting her down with my listlessness! Im a little drained from catching up reading you guys, but ill be back tomorrow i think (barring a relapse).


7 Responses to ughh

  1. factor 10 says:

    Thank Goodness you’re Okay! It was awful without you…just awful…sob…

    LMAO that your hubby recognizes your inner-Jen…

    I hope you are feeling infinitely bettah–nothing worse than a headache without end–oh, okay, throw in the flu symptoms, too…Have a restful weekend!

  2. luckybuzz says:

    Oh no! Hope you’re feeling better, sweetie. Take care of yourself please!

  3. Jesse says:

    I new I didn’t blog for a reason.

  4. Pippajo says:

    Now I feel terrible! You didn’t let me down! You were SICK! What kind of stalker-friend am I? I’ll never forgive myself.

    Seriously, get better. But take it nice and slow. I’ll miss you terribly, but I’d rather have you back safe and sound than all peaked and sickly from rushing back too soon.

    Maybe I’ll camp out on the couch with a pot of tea to commiserate with you. I’ll drink a cup to your health.

  5. Canada says:

    oh,oh,oh, poor you!! I hope there is no relapse, and no more pain. Seriously, what is up with all this end of summer sickness? Corwin shared the croup virus, and I’ve been coughing and hacking for a little over a week. In Feb, I wouldn’t mind so much, but right now, I’m bitter. Ugh!

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m glad you’re on the mend. The flu and fun variations thereof suck suck and suck!

    I promise not to write any more about the Coultergeist when you are already ill!

    Feel better soon!

  7. crse says:

    Aww thanks for all the well wishes folks! They make me feel better already!

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