Just had to check

Wasnt going to take anymore lunesta but changed my mind at 2am. And yep. I was right. She’s a bitch that lunesta. She’s got me today friends. She let me eat a banana and check my blogs and she is sending me right back in. Id complain but im too damned tired.


5 Responses to Just had to check

  1. Jesse says:

    My hair is extra slick right now because it rained on me.

  2. crse says:

    I dont think that can be good. I would offer you my peppered tongue as a source of comfort but i forgot to mention the other lingering tastes of dishsoap and ashes. Not so tasty. Stay warm little soldier.

  3. Gretty says:

    2am changes everybody’s mind

  4. crse says:

    Gretty dont you have a t-shirt that says that?

  5. factor 10 says:

    I think I’ve LIVED that t-shirt. ack. ahem, well, moving on…

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