Taco nacho karma

Well it wasnt the day I expected by any means. On the one hand the “perfect storm” was a stepford child today. It was damn spooky. My friend (the worker who was about to cry/quit yesterday) and I were in amazement. It was like a different child. We did have an incident on the playground where we had to talk her off the jungle gym and back inside but even that lasted only about five minutes. On the other hand, fourth grade sucks and is incredibly boring. I did learn that the coconut is really just a giant seed which i didnt know. As far as the taco nachos? What a mess that turned to out to be. For political reasons, I couldnt buy my lunch and had to leave to get it. I dont know why I chose taco bell. Maybe it was because of a subconscious urge to right the wrongness of the taco nachos in my own mind. Maybe because I secretly thought they looked better than I remembered. Whatever the reason, I got taco bell and have been completely sick in my stomach since. The lingering smell of it in my car was completely nauseating. But to end on a positive note, Norm had swim class and did EXCELLENT AND it was free cookie day when the boys picked up burger king after class. Im not feeling well now, but its nice to know the free cookies are waiting for me!


4 Responses to Taco nacho karma

  1. Jesse says:

    I used to work at taco bell. I’ll still eat the food.

    I am probably a masochist though.

  2. crse says:

    I usually like taco bell. And i sincerely doubt it will deter me from eating there in the future. I dont know that its a good thing though….

  3. Canada says:

    Mmmmm, Taco Bell. Memories of grad school studying and 3 am meetings at the TB drive-through with my also-stressed-out friend.

  4. luckybuzz says:

    Now I kind of have a Taco Bell hankering too….

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