WTF Wednesday

Ok the only thing more depressing than having to get up when the birds are chirping is having to get up in the dark. It is 630am! I DONT LIVE IN ALASKA! Im DEFINITELY not asking for sun. Just a little grey light would be fine. To make matters worse, lunch today is taco nachos. Now Im not one to criticize all the cafeteria fare. In fact, I find the selections at the high school quite delightful. However, because I made the mistake of getting excited about taco nachos before, I can tell you in intimate detail how horrible they are. You get about seven large stale tortilla chips. On top of these chips is a lumpy (deceptively colorful) mass of meat. The meat is cold and appears to be flavored with ketchup and chili powder. Did I mention it is prepared at the high school, then shipped across town? (Think hospital food if you had to drive it across town) The piece de resistance? ONIONS. They cant be bothered to use an actual taco seasoning that flavors the meat in any remotely taco kind of way, but they can add onions. WTF. This week is getting progressively worse. Ah well, maybe today will have some sort of delightful surprise that I cant possibly anticipate. That will be lovely. I cant wait.


6 Responses to WTF Wednesday

  1. factor 10 says:

    Hang in there, CRSE–it is, indeed, a WTF Wednesday, isn’t it?
    Soon this week will be over and we can start fresh…

  2. luckybuzz says:

    Hope something excellent happened to you to counteract the taco nachos, sweetie! 🙂

  3. Pippajo says:

    I really really like the idea of a WTF Wednesday blogroll. I’d be all over that! What do you say?

    Just two more days, just two more days, just two more days…

  4. Pippajo says:

    Hmmm, I’m surfing around and it looks like WTF Wednesday has already been established and I know look like an ass.

    See, I thought you had made it up and I was so impressed.

    So, uh, never mind.

  5. Jesse says:

    I like onions.

  6. crse says:

    Thanks guys for the support. It really did get better. Im home anyway now and thats always a good thing. Pippa, that was pee my pants funny. Jesse, Im fairly certain Im in a small minority with the onion thing.

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