sick turnip

this aint the happy post. Turnip has a high fever. We go to the dr at 2. Max is whiny. I just want to go to sleep (with the turnip) (and norm if he’d go…).Instead I will compulsively eat until i get a chance to finish my thursday thirteen.


5 Responses to sick turnip

  1. Anonymous says:

    OH NO! So sorry…for all of you today! Give the Turnip a kiss from me (give Max one too!)–I hope you all feel better really fast!

  2. Jesse says:

    Who is Max?

  3. factor 10 says:

    I hope Turnip is feeling better soon!

  4. crse says:

    Thats norm’s secret identity. Dont tell him you know. He will be not only shattered, but could be voted out of the justice league for this.

  5. Canada says:

    Oh, I hope the Turnip is okay. And that this isn’t something he shares with Norm, or anyone else (like you!! No more sweaty, stinky pillow issues!)

    Eating compulsively – I strongly relate!

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