My Very Own Random Bullets of Crap

Ok but i dont feel like making the actual bullets so i guess these are random slashes of crap…

Today was not a great day

-We had day-care mayhem that affected my whole day.

-I also committed a work faux pas when a parent wrote me a note asking me not to address an issue that I brought up during the session because I didn’t get said note until after the session.

– I overdressed and it was too hot for my outfit. I apparently looked like a dishevelled ninja. Not in a good way either.

– Norm had another harrowing Short Sport Session. He is managing to hit the ball a few times before it rolls away and he falls less.

-Anemia sucks and makes me too tired to be effectively funny.

– I have some weird stomach thing that is flaring up in the late afternoon and early evening. It forced me to leave a really interesting conversation with the queen mother fabu (she gives me all the good fabu family gossip…the fabus are an extenisve clan and I do try to follow their tales closely) in the middle of dinner.

-CNN really pisses me off when they post stories in video form. If I wanted to see a damn video Id watch CNN on the television.
On the positive side

– we got a new car this weekend. Its a 1988 buick lesabre courtesy of my father. He blue-booked it at 3000 said he wouldnt take less than 1500 for it and is letting us make payments for a thousand. He is a good dad.

-The car is the midsize sedan of my dreams. Its very comfortable and i feel as if i look particularly bitchin’ in it. I will post a picture tomorrow.

– We spent the evening with the fabulous Gretty who accompanied us to Short Sports, gave some helpful dribbling advice, got “Aunt Grettied” for two solid hours and just generally gave us the warm happy vibe one gets when one is with good friends who you know you really well and love you anyway. I need to start collecting Gretty quotes. Shout out Gretty? if i promise to protect your integrity may i post Gretty quotes?

– The turnip walked half way across the room today!

– Norm is enticing me to bed so Im posting this now.


4 Responses to My Very Own Random Bullets of Crap

  1. gretty says:

    I love it that you think I have integrity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the car, and bravo to the Turnip! Sorry about the rest of the mayhem…hope you’re doing better. Also, I might need to do a follow-up talk with you guys sometime…just because I want to. Let’s work on that. 🙂

  3. Jesse says:

    I hate with a burning passion. Not only do they fill the front page with tripe, hype, and celebrity gossip, but the make all those stories videos!! I want to READ my news on the internet. Not watch a fuzzy image with bad sound. If I wanted that I’d go get drunk at a bar.

  4. factor 10 says:

    I loved your random slashes of crap. Hooray for the new car! It’s lovely to be feelin’ super-fly as you pull in for Short Sports, and good for Norm for hangin’ tough (although I know how rough it is on you)! And Yay for urnip–he’ll be runnin’ em down in Short Sports soon, but by then Norm will have moved on, so no tension there…

    Hang in there, my dear!

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