WTF Wednesday

Ok this is sort of a lame one. Its more of a WTF is wrong with me post. Two highlights from the day. My friend Molly was telling me what my other friend Lisa said about someone we dont care for (who I helped out immensely last year) asking me to follow up on something for him. “Why would he ask crse to do that? She wasnt even on time for his suicide attempt?” Which is true. After I talked him down, I was supposed to meet him the next day (THIS WAS NOT A CLIENT) to accompany him for a psychological evaluation so he could seek treatment and I SLEPT IN. Fortunately (because although I dont care for him, I certainly dont want him to kill himself) he waited for me.

Flash to later today when Norm came home from day-care and gill announced that Norm told his teacher today was that I hit him with my teeth and bit him. And ok I did bite him yesterday but it was a TOTAL ACCIDENT. In fact,Im not quite sure what happened but i can tell you it was related to spider monkey activities. I was trying to pull his pants up without hitting his boo-boo (which he explained to his teacher was caused when his father “tried to kill him”) and it seemed like the best way to do this was to have him hold me around the neck while i lifted him and….oh god it just went badly. Some slipping occurred. Next thing I know, he is crying and asking why I bit him? I had no idea I bit him. The whole thing as you can see was very alarming….ok this is more of a motherfreak purge than a WTF wednesday but I really do want to know, what the fuck is the matter with me?


4 Responses to WTF Wednesday

  1. Anonymous says:

    That boy has quite the imagination. Which is normally a good thing, but in these cases…maybe you want to start squashing that creativity?

  2. factor 10 says:

    This is how family stories are made. This will go down as the day you tried to eat him, or the day you chewed him up and spit him out… Just a memory in the making, baby!

  3. Pippajo says:

    Oh yes, we have those family legends. The day Lobelia slammed a boy up against his locker in 6th grade, the day The Viking ran over Daria with the car, the day I force-fed Dharma dishwashing liquid, the day my mother made me walk around on my broken leg, the day Dharma left her friend’s house after a weekend visit and accidentally stole her mother’s iron (only that one is 100% true).

    I always worry about my kids telling those kinds of things to their teachers, too, cause My Boy has quite an imagination and My Girl likes to be mischievous (or however you spell it). As far as I know, however, the only incident so far has been the time My Girl visited a friend’s church under an alias when she was 4. She told the kiddie church class her name was Drazurus and answered to it the whole night. I still don’t know why.

  4. Canada says:

    His boo-boo from “when his father tried to kill him” Heeee-larious! I know all about the accidental injuries. Clara was in a HUGE snit on Tuesday, and came storming up the stairs as I was coming down. Unfortunately, she was looking at her feet, or the stairs, and her head and my knee met with a thud. Ouch! And she wanted me to apologize first!!! Many other little incidents have happened, too. I’m just waiting for Children’s Aid to show up!

    As for sleeping in, maybe a subconscious choice? Or maybe you were just mentally exhausted from dealing with the attempted suicide?

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