the real slim shady

And the reason I switched to blogger beta? Because I couldnt upload photos.

Ok as I engaged in my normal morning routine of blogroaming, I encountered a celebrity look alike game at the blog of The Truly Visually Stunning Ash. Now let me preface this by saying Ive seen pictures of Ash. She is beautiful. (this is not why i read her blog. I read her blog because she is also pee your pants funny, thought provoking, and reminds me of a young thin beautiful more together me…but I digress) If you want to play the game, you have to go to her blog. I have no idea how to link it. So when you look at her matches you can see the resemblance. You say to yourself, wow she really does look like Grace Kelly and Eva Mendes.

I did the test using four pictures. I got in this order:

Mylene Farmer

Quincy Jones

Stan Lee

Molly Sims

Now dear readers, I am torn here. For those of you who don’t know me in real time (minus Ash, who I had to send a picture to simply to prove that I dont really look like Quincy Jones, btw thank you for the kind words about my hair buddy) I have to tell you. I am just not Molly Sims nor Mylene Farmer. Not on my Best Day. Not even when I was 20. Once, there existed a picture of me that for one frozen moment (and this was in my EARLY 20s) through some alignment of all the powers of beauty in the universe, I look pretty hot. But these were not that picture. However, if I am going to have the will to live, I have to believe that I am also not Stan Lee or Quincy Jones (with all due respect to those fine fellows…). The most disturbing part of the game? The picture that looked like stan lee and the one that looked like molly sims were basically the same shot at different angles. Go figure…In a mildly narcisstic and desperate bid for ego boosting, I am compelled to post my picture. But Im not going to do that. However, in all fairness, I will offer anyone who needs their morbid curiousity assuaged the pictures that correspond with each celebrity.


6 Responses to the real slim shady

  1. luckybuzz says:

    OK, look. I don’t know who Mylene Farmer is, but I actually can see why the Internet Gods think there’s a resemblance to you. Quincy Jones, not so much. I don’t know Ash (though her picture is lovely), but damn, those are some fortunate matches she got. Me? Not so much, friend. Because I love you, I’m posting my results to my blog…you’ll note not a single female face on mine. 🙂

  2. Jesse says:

    I am very curious what everyone looks like. Pictures are a good thing.

    I did this heritage nonsense back in the olden days of last winter. I had incredibly mixed results. They only criteria they seem interested in is what direction you are looing and what sort of facial expresion/hair/beard you are sporting in the picture. It seems to have NOTHING to do with features of what people actually look like.

    THis does not make it un-fun. Oh, I giggled, I giggled incesently(sp?) when I did this.

  3. crse says:

    LB you complete me.

    Jesse, I will email them (I will not post them) I emailed you today anyway. Did you get it? I will wait for verification before i send those shots out into cyberspace..

  4. Pippajo says:

    Of course I had to do this too. I’m not sure how reliable it is. I had quite a wide range of celebrities whom I apparently resemble, although I tried it with pics of my sisters and My Girl as well, and those were pretty accurate.

    It provided me with a way to blow an entire evening, though. I can always do laundry tomorrow!

  5. Jesse says:

    I did indeed get the email.

  6. Ash says:

    Wait! I should totally tell you that in the first five pictures I tried, I ddint look like a single celebrity! My kid looked like Johnny Depp(um, yeah, so not letting her wear my aviators ever again) But did I show up? NOT!

    Finally, I gave up and put in a picture of myself that I truly hate.

    So bud, Thanks for the kind words, but I have never in my life looked like Grace, Eva or Deviegh.

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