not that bitchy and moany…

Ok a few items to actually blog about. As referred to in the Me Me, The turnip got a Very Bad Haircut. We cut his bangs (I blame Gill-smoke. He has been pressuring/threatening a crew cut for a while). Norm thinks he looks like our little cousin (who actually turned four today). So every time the Turnip crawls up, Norm says “hi megan. what is it megan?” which i know i should not find hilarious but I do. (I mean I do love Megan but her haircut is a little….bad) (As Luckybuzz might remember, Megan is Litchick’s daughter which ideally will enhance her enjoyment of this anecdote)

The other thing. One of the rough parts of being a therapist is putting personal beliefs aside. Some times are easier than others. If I know Im going to a fundamental praise the lord and pass the ammunition household, I prep myself accordingly and smile and nod at appropriate times. Today however, I was in the household of a family I truly love (I actually love most of my families as quirky as they are) and the phone rang. It was the republican party. Im waiting for the sarcastically witty comeback from Mom. No comeback. THEY ARE REPUBLICAN!!!! The room went black and I have no recall of the next few moments. Apparently I kept composure because nothing seemed amiss when I recovered. However, all night long, Ive been struggling. How do intelligent kind witty good decent people end up being republican without me even knowing it? Dont get me wrong my beloved blogorepublicans. My dearest brother is a republican. He is intelligent kind witty good and decent. BUT OBVIOUSLY AND BLATANTLY REPUBLICAN! How did i miss this? Ack…i just cant say anymore…


6 Responses to not that bitchy and moany…

  1. luckybuzz says:

    OK, the first part is hilarious, but I have to say: the Turnip looks nothing like GB, so he can’t look much like Megan. Ha! 🙂

    And the second part: you have enormous inner fortitude, what with the not freaking out. Having just spent the week/end with fundamentalists of a totally different sort, I do respect your ability to keep smiling and nodding.

  2. factor 10 says:

    I gave Big O his first haircut and He looked like a little monk. He was a fat little friar tuck with a monk’s tonsure. It stood straight up in the middle, and looked like it wasn’t there. It was BAD.

    I think the Republican thing is a virus, or a bacterial infection. The Democrats are working on a cure. We may see cancer cured first, though. sigh.

  3. Canada says:

    In a similar vein, you can imagine my dismay upon arriving at my client’s home during the campaign last year to see a PC (Progressive Conservative) sign on the lawn (they are our Republican equivalent). I almost drove away.

    And my friend La Patisseria? She had one on her lawn too!! (I blame it on her husband) What is this world coming to?

  4. Jenny Ryan says:

    I like your new look!

    I’m very impressed with your ability to restrain yourself in the face of all kinds of fundamentalism and extremism. I probably would have immediately developed some kind of “inappropriate-comment-yelling” turretts sydrome and been thrown out :-p

  5. nancycle says:

    Maybe Norm could be the new poster boy for the Rebublican Party with his stylish new hair cut???


    (note: above comment deleted, was under Omar’s blog name – blogger beta … grr!)

  6. L.L. Barkat says:

    I finally asked my father this question (how can anyone be a Republican?), because I just wanted to understand the mind of a Republican. I was actually surprised at the depth of his thinking, even though I didn’t buy all of it.

    Also, I saw your comment over on “Tink” but didn’t want to continue the conversation there. So, here I am to ask you what it is about the visitations from your dead grandmother that you find comforting… Curiousity question. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

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