thursday thirteen a day late and stolen

This idea was an emergency rip off from the esteemed Snarkypants. Thanks Lisa for bailing me out this week! I gotta admit though after writing it, the post is kind of boring. Lisa’s life is more exciting than mine!

Thirteen Things I do everyday (or most days anyway)

1. Wake up (thankfully and obviously)

2. Tend to the little spider monkeys.

3. Accidentally call Belleria restaurant between three and five times a day because they are the first listing in my phone book after I had to replace my friend Andy’s number because she kept getting long ass messages when I dialed her in my pocket and would call me back panicked thinking I was locked in a trunk somewhere.

4. Take about 16 ibuprofen for what appears to be my teeth grinding problem.

5. Check my email group for word from my wimmin.

6. Read my blogs. (most of the time).

7. Do my site routine of CNN, court tv, the jewish world review (oy vey) and Internet Movie Database movie and studio news. (I do hate CNN but have not found another good news option. Any suggestions out there?)

8. Support and maintain our household identity as the “house of a million kisses and I love yous”.

9. Obsessively call Gill-smoke to make sure he does not forget to pick up the children. (You think Im being naggy and neurotic? LAST WEDNESDAY I called to make sure they were on their way to swim class? Gill is like “no we are eating dinner.” When I said “its WEDNESDAY?” he said, “so? You didn’t remind me.” And I had to give him that)

10. The very minimal grooming of washing down, putting on deodorant and brushing my teeth with my AWESOME toothbrush. (most days I shower too, but we are talking EVERY day, I need to be honest)

11. Obsess about our financial situation.

12. Feed my birds.

13. Say some prayer to God involving thank yous and requests for loved one safety and healthiness.

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4 Responses to thursday thirteen a day late and stolen

  1. Lisa says:

    The “esteemed” snarkypants? tee hee hee … thank yew very much!

    I’m glad you stole my theme! Feel free to be a thief (of mine) anytime! Thanks for your always cheerful comments!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Tink says:

    Even an every-day-list can be interesting!
    thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pippajo says:

    I was wondering where the heck you were!

    I have a site routine as well, but they’re nowhere near as mature and brainy as yours! If I told you mine you’d think I’m an adolesecent (which you know I’m going to do as soon as I steal this Meme and put it on my blog–just be patient)!

    Peace out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oooh, so what kind of birds? I used to have a cherry-headed conure, but I had to leave for six months for my internship when we were first married. He and Hubby got along just fine, until I came back. Then he hated everyone but me and was downright vicious to Hubby. I found a new home for him when I was pregnant (and let me tell you, it was heartbreaking!).

    -stupid Beta!!! It’s Canada!

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