bitch and moan monday (and a shout out)

I started one earlier but didnt have enough to bitch and moan about. Actually I still dont besides the fact that Im looking at a relatively unpleasant day tomorrow with many obligations and unfinished administrative crap to do. Lovely weekend with a delightful party for the littlest fabu followed by a parade where Norm and Princess fabu rode on a float together like the little king and queen of christmas. Oh I can bitch and moan about that. I had to walk along side the float which was being haulled by a truck bearing a sticker that says “This truck has lift because fat chicks cant climb”. This pissed me off for the entire parade. All I wanted to do was politely tell this jackass to rest his mind because no self respecting chicks (fat or thin or in between) would want to ride with such an illiterate redneck asshole. But alas, It was not the time or place. It could have been worse. He could have had a “these colors don’t run”. My head is going to one day implode while I contemplate everything wrong and stupid about that phrase.

Ok this isnt my most quality post but I want to send a little shout out to my friend Skycat. Skycat is a delightful person that I have the pleasure of knowing through the Fantastic Luckybuzz. Skycat just starting blogging again and I think many of you will enjoy her wit and wisdom! Ok that may be the only non-pointless thing I shared today so I am going to stop.


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