adderal why have you forsaken me?

I realize in terms of crises, this is rather low-key, but im in a low-grade state of panic over this one. Its about the damn PAMPERED CHEF PARTY THAT WILL NOT END! (and costs me more with every passing day) I realize the panic is probably because of the Phyllis factor. I lost a 90 dollar check that Lonnie Manko gave Madame Fabu who gave it to me in a simple envelope. Which I lost. Her order is in, and I lost her check. Madame Fabu will be finding this out as she reads this and trust me, everywhere you are telling me to look Madame? Ive already looked. So now I have to make up some sort of fiction for Phyllis explaining that she needs to put Lonnie Manko’s order on my credit card because I cannot bear to hear annoyance in her tone one more time. My relationship with phyllis should have never been and it needs to end quickly. And I have to break it to Lonnie Manko that I lost her check. She will most likely be kind but lets face it. Nothing says Im a gold star employee like I lost the check you gave me despite every precaution you took. I dont even know what this means to people who actually balance their checkbooks. I SUCK!!! But so does Phyllis.

EDITED TO ADD: I FOUND THE CHECK. IN YOUR FACE PHYLLIS! It was no small sense of poetic justice I felt when I realized I could send the check to her in her very own self-addressed stamped envelope that she gave me for some other god forsaken task i obviously had no intention of completing….


2 Responses to adderal why have you forsaken me?

  1. luckybuzz says:

    Hooray for finding the check! 🙂

  2. factor 10 says:

    Blood-freaking-relatives, CRSE. You and I. I once lost my dad’s keys from the street to the house. Lost them forever. Admittedly, I was about nine, but I assure you, NO ONE has forgotten the keys that vanished in front of witnesses. It was a thirty foot walk, straight line to the door, my father turned to me for the keys, and they were gone.

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