Thursday Thirteen number 18ish?

Friday is my husband Gill-smoke’s birthday. In honor of the auspicious occasion, I am dedicating all my TTs this month to him. So consider December to be “Everything you Ever Wanted To Know About Gill-Smoke but Were Afraid To Ask” Month. This week, we will begin with a list of his more interesting qualities.

Thursday Thirteen Interesting Things About My Husband.

1. He had really long hair when we met. When it was wet, he would put it in a pony tail and wrap it around his finger into one tight curl. It was the coolest curl.
2. He has not visited a barber or any sort of hair stylist since we met. In the fall, he grows his hair, in the spring he shaves it. Not just the hair on his head, he does this with his facial hair too. Except for some years he grows a big ridiculous curly mustache. He does this because he figures if he is capable of growing a ridiculous mustache, he has a societal obligation to do so.
3. He is somewhat socially clueless, but is so charming that all he usually has to do is show up and smile and people can forgive this and just about anything else he does!
4. He didn’t learn to drive until he was 26 years old and my father bought him driving lessons for Christmas. He says it is because he never needed to drive while he lived in Arizona, but I found out he knocked down his parents’ car port when he was eight years old by trying to “drive”.
5. He is an ardent feminist. Sometimes, even more so than I am.
6. He is really good at telling stories and describing plots of books and movies. So much so, that sometimes when I hear him describe a plot, then see it myself, the real plot pales in comparison.
7. He was not sure if he wanted children and did not really attach to Norm until about two weeks after he was born. After that, he decided he wanted seven more children. (My reply to this is “I hope you and your next wife are very happy with your six children”.)
8. I love him to death, but he is not great in crisis. When Norm was born, he left the hospital that night and didn’t return until four o clock the next day. When the Turnip was born and was experiencing difficulties, he made it a point to stay home and cook a bunch of food (which was really nice actually).
9. He quit smoking on an 18 hour flight to China while I was pregnant with the turnip. It will be two years in April. But when he did smoke, he would often roll his own cigarettes to save money. It was kind neat to watch.
10. He started working on a quilt when Norm was born. It is very beautiful. I hope he reads this and is inspired to finish it (and re-assemble the fish chair).
11. He is the most “un” moody person I know. He can be grouchy but he will ALWAYS talk about his feelings which is very nice.
12. He is an amazing cook. He goes through phases where he specializes in making a certain dish. His most recent dish was pumpkin pie making the puree from scratch. He once went through a cheese cake phase. Even though neither of these are my favorites, he could make kick ass versions of both types of desserts.
13. He is probably the funniest man I know. He makes me laugh every day and Im so glad to be able to share him with you for his birthday!

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9 Responses to Thursday Thirteen number 18ish?

  1. Sweet Kitty says:

    Very interesting list!
    Thanx for sharing this private stuff.

    Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

  2. Jesse says:

    It is important that people who can grow amazing facial do so.

    Sadly, my series of winter beards probably wont happen this year. I feel I am letting down so many people.

  3. Sanni says:

    Nice idea for a TT! Thanks for sharing! Regards to your husband =)

    Happy TT from Germany,

  4. luckybuzz says:

    Aw. Give Gill-Smoke a big pre-birthday hug for me. 🙂

  5. factor 10 says:

    Love the societal obligation…and the next tim he feels one of those “phases” coming on, send him to CA…Pumpkin Pie is my favorite, and I could probably struggle through a cheesecake phase, as well.
    The phase where he wants five more kids? You guys are on your own! (maybe Consuelo from last week?)

  6. Canada says:

    Awww, what a sweet TT, and a lovely tribute to Gill-Smoke. Best wishes to him!

  7. Ash says:

    Well that was disgusting. next week should be thirteen of his faults.
    J/K, nice one hun.

  8. Jenny Ryan says:

    After that, he decided he wanted seven more children. (My reply to this is “I hope you and your next wife are very happy with your six children”.)

    That sounds exactly like something I’d say to my husband. 🙂

  9. Pippajo says:

    Oh, I just really like this list. I like that your admiration of him is so apparent in the way you write about him. I like how you still delight in him after all these years (we were married in ’94 too, by the way). And he sounds like one cool fella.

    And I, for one, am always thankful for those who fulfill their mustache obligations. Thank him for me, will you?

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