Thursday Thirteen

And the month of Gill-smoke continues…

Thursday Thirteen Interesting Things About Marrying My Husband.

1. He proposed with the phrase “what are you doing tomorrow? Want to go get married?” .
2. We were engaged for about 18 hours tops.
3. We were married in a Mexican barrio in downtown Tucson called the “Garden of Gesthemane”. It had life size statues of different scenes of from the gospels. We have a really disturbing picture of the best man leaning over the tomb statue looking like he was doing something not good to Jesus.

4. We only met the best man that day. Never saw him before or after that day. Two better men in town worked that day.
5. We bought our marriage license at the place at the jail where you post bail. It was a Monday so there was a line but we were the only ones getting married and not posting bail.
6. Our ceremony was “universal Unitarian” (which in a crazy twist of fate we actually follow now) and directed by a man we found in the phone book. “Reverend Dan” was missing an eye and a leg and also had a skin condition and blatantly false teeth. Gill likes to refer to him as “reverend dan or what was left of him”.
7. We bought his ring at a pawn shop for ten bucks.
8. We ate pizza for lunch that day and went to shop for a bouquet afterwards.
9. We got the bouquet for free because the ladies at the florist shop were tickled by our story.
10. We both cried during the vows. They talked about “rainbows of happiness”.
11. We went to see “interview with a vampire” after the ceremony. It was the matinee. We got popcorn.
12. We had taco bell for dinner before going home for the night.
13. The entire day cost us less than one hundred dollars. I love my wedding story!

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13 Responses to Thursday Thirteen

  1. Jenny Ryan says:

    What a great story!

  2. Skittles says:

    I loved reading this! Best wishes to you both!

  3. RockDog says:

    13. The entire day cost us less than one hundred dollars. I love my wedding story!

    That is the best thing I have ever read…EVER! My wallet still hurts for my day of love…

  4. luckybuzz says:

    I always love your wedding story too. You guys rock.

  5. Canada says:

    Awww, that’s SO romantic. You guys are awesome. And hey, ’94 was a good vintage for marriages – mine, too:)

  6. Pippajo says:

    ’94 was a VERY good year…we got married that year too! Like, Oh my GOD I’m totally FREAKING OUT!

    Sorry. Anyway, that is a wonderful story and a wonderful list.

    Gotta go get cracking on mine.

  7. Ash says:

    sounds lovely, dear!

  8. factor 10 says:

    Outstanding! I especially like the rainbows and the dissolving minister! (and the fact that you guys are still married and lovin’ it!)

  9. Gill Smoke says:

    Oh the details…
    Revrend Daniel O’Connell or what was left of him. He was missing parts of both legs, had a patch over one eye wore glasses and a full set of dentures. He had a wierd skin disorder that looked like a peeling sunburn. When he got out of his dark green Lincon LTD with dark tinted windows I said to CRSE, “Oh my god all he needs is the parrot, we’re getting married by a pirate.”

  10. llbarkat says:

    I like your wedding story too. Sounds like the basis of a cool opening to a novel. 🙂

  11. nancycle says:

    Were you crying or laughing?

    Awesome story crse.

  12. Gill_Smoke says:

    Oh the details…
    The side note for the perposal was we worked at the same business, but different buildings, the schedule had just come out, “Hey we’re both off wanna get married?”

    Background material holds that CRSE was already coming back to her home town and I could come if I wanted but we had to be married if were going to sleep in the same bed.

  13. crse says:

    Gill! Go back to your own blog! But seriously, kind of funny how that sleeping in the same bed thing ended up panning out eh? Good times baby. Good times…

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