late night musing

For the record, after posting my tt list, I had to threaten its removal no less than six times if Gill-smoke did not change his crappy attitude towards me and the children. SIX TIMES. You know what my problem is? no follow through. (although he did get significantly more pleasant as the evening wore on)

So I had the worst nap Ive had in YEARS yesterday and I STILL have the nap hangover. Its 4am. I took the nap almost 12 hours ago and i still feel like shit. Does anyone know what exactly causes nap hangovers?

Three little words that have wreaked havoc on my holiday eating patterns? “annual pie sale”. This makes me wonder; is it possible to feel weight gain as its happening? I swear i feel that now.

Ive been feeling some grimness lately. Gretty and I have been talking about our mutual sense of this. Ill write more about this later.

Shit Norm is coming. Im busted…


5 Responses to late night musing

  1. Canada says:

    Ooooh, nap hangover – it’s just the worst (well, maybe alcohol hangover, but at least you had fun before). Hope you got some sleep, and that gill-smoke doesn’t get too cocky and let the list go to his head!

  2. gretty says:

    Not only can I feel weight gain, if it’s quiet enough I can hear it too.

  3. luckybuzz says:

    Oh, so sorry to hear about the nap hangover. Those are the worst. I don’t really understand what causes them….or how to stop them…but I feel your pain.

    And I have this one spot on my left thigh where I can TOTALLY feel the weight gain. It’s eerie.

  4. nancycle says:

    In gill-smoke’s defense, no comments made in nap hangover are relivant until the minimal sleep requirements have been attained.

  5. Jesse says:

    When I first read, “Shit Norm Is Coming” I immediately assume Norm was actively shitting himself, therein ruining your ability to blog. I am pleased as punch that is probably not the case. Pleased indeed.

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