Last night when we turned on “justice league”, Superman was on the screen and he was filling a car full of gas. Not as clark kent. As superman. Then he is driving the car into the wilderness. Next scene he is in this cave. With a beard. Making a fire. With tools. Not with his heat ray vision. It begged some questions. Obviously he was not using his superpowers. Norm would not let me watch long enough to find out the back story.

– can superman control his hair growth through his superpowers?

-Does he shave? get hair cuts?

-if you didnt have superpowers but were somehow stuck as superman, wouldnt you somehow fashion your outfit into something a bit more inconspicuous? At least lose the cape so you can look like an acrobat.

– How did you let this happen?

You are flying here so you didnt lose the powers. Your superpowers dont come with some intuition that a mullet is a really bad idea? Frankly I expected better from my superfriend.

It must have been the weekend for this because very early this am I saw that my cross-coastal twin Jen was having a similar superfriend experience…


3 Responses to observations

  1. RockDog says:

    I didn’t see that…but I must know the answer…a mullet??? Why oh why?

  2. Crawlspace says:

    super man shaves his face with heat vision and a mirror. He burns that ish off like it was cheese in an oven.

  3. factor 10 says:

    Don’t you hate it when they won’t let you watch the cartoons to find out the WHYS?
    Kids. :}

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