coming into my own…

Ok Im still sick but some interesting stuff to share. Sort of…first of all, thanks to Jen I believe I have a new blogging identity. Or circle. Ive struggled with the label “mommyblogger” for a while. I mean I am obviously a mom but I want my blog to be more than that. I want to encapsulate the whole Crse. Well as much as a blog can. Jen asks in her Thursday Thirteen is there a category for “dorkblogger”. And you know what? I stand in front of you all proud and naked (well sit in front of you actually, and actually dressed rather dorkily in grey flower pajama bottoms and a maroon hand me down velour shirt from my brother with navy blue socks on my feet) and say “I AM A DORKBLOGGER”. Yes. This is me. Is my blog about being a mommy? Being a professional? Being an aging hippy with lost ideals? No my friends. I think we all know what its about. I AM A DORKBLOGGER!!!


5 Responses to coming into my own…

  1. luckybuzz says:

    See, now *that’s* a blogging identity I can get behind. Dorkbloggers unite!

  2. Canada says:

    Dorkbloggers, I am with you (I mean, check the comment I made on LB’s blog, about being so excited that one of my song suggestions made the DM mix. If that ain’t dorky, I don’t know what is!)

  3. factor 10 says:

    THAT is why I love you CRSE. you picked up on my favorite part of that whole post. I think I’m going to have a button made.
    Forget Red Hot Blog Mamas, and Blog Chicks–who needs Right Wing Nutjobs United? Er, that one may go by a slightly different name, I’m not exactly on their mailing list…
    I am SOOO doing this.

  4. Pippajo says:

    I just filled out an application. Squee!

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