umm….no…its not

Ok friends, a little PSA for you all. Most of you know I do work in the mental health field. You probably do not know that I had a cognate in ethics in grad school. So…I feel safe in saying, if you are seeing a therapist and this happens? Well, Im just going to let you know, its pretty clear within ethical boundaries of this profession that such behavior is right up there with “take off your pants and let me be your mommy” or “Touching my penis and allowing me to have sex with you will help you overcome your intimacy fears”. I figured since this is clearly a grey area, you might want to hear it from a trained professional. Yes, yes you are very welcome.
PS: In case any of my real life readers are nostalgically remembering embarrassing things about the early 90s? I do want to mention that I wasnt even thinking about being a psych major yet when the whole domme thing came up….


5 Responses to umm….no…its not

  1. Anonymous says:

    Must be a Pavlov thing. I’m in mental health and usually think I’ve seen just about everything until a colleague comes along and gives the rest of us SO MUCH MORE CREDIBILTY! Jerk. Thanks for the post. (Sound of cash registers ringing with the increase in malpractice insurance)….


  2. crse says:

    G-love! Im so glad you came by! Yeah, crazy because we kind of put the ethical kabosh on the whole pavlov thing a while ago didnt we? Kind of makes me feel better that the worst thing Ive done recently is dump soda all over a months worth of billing. Please dont be a stranger! If i cant amuse you, at least i can help you appreciate your own professionalism (being that im guessing you probably dont dump sodas on medical records and what not)

  3. RockDog says:

    Could you find the time to dump soda on any and all of my medical related bills, thus making them null and void? I’d pay you… 😉

  4. crse says:

    Sorry Rockdog, Id love to? But as I found out yesterday after finding my prescriptions IN A PUDDLE OF COFFEE IN MY CAR (note to self, make a list of phrases i hate having to say as related to my life) and having the pharmacist fill them anyway, im guessing i dont have the nullification power. But if you read my blog carefully, you will find strategies to amuse yourself and avoid bill collector calls…

  5. Pippajo says:

    Egads! I just started therapy due to my excessive amount of anxiety and this is NOT helping!

    What are some people thinking, really?

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