A Me-Me countdown

Cheerfully and blatantly stolen from the endless source of wit and entertainmentMadame Snarkypants. I promise more work on dorkblogger(from my end) to follow.

The TMI Me-Me
10 Firsts

1. First best friend – This girl tracie in kindergarten who used to call me “crse bissy baby”

2. First car – THE PINTO!!!! I remember fighting over who got to ride flat in the “way back” hatchback….(back in the day when car seat laws were for the weak and uninitiated.) My dad tells a lovely story of careening around town after about two or three beers, all three kids in tow and about a ton of cinderblocks in the trunk. Memories like these have made him a neurotic grandparent…

3. First love – Matt Allen. Oh Matt…you broke my heart….told me i could erase crayons and then forgot to mention the permanence of the black crayon. I spent time with my desk in the corner for ya matt….i thought our love could outlast anything the first grade threw out at us…i was wrong…

4. First vacation – DC and virginia beach…brother got stung by jelly fish. All three of us (my bros and I) were so traumatized by this we are sort of scared of the ocean to this day. LOVE being near it though.

5. First job – Grocery store fish monger. I am stealing Lisa’s quote here “All I wanted was a job where I could smell the same going in and coming home.”

6. First piercing – Ears. ten years old. piercing pagoda.

7. First concert – Michael Stanley Band! Whooohooo! Luckybuzz remember, he cant love you like i love you! come on let the provin’ begin….

8. First record/cd bought – Record was barry manilow before the age of seven. CD would have been peter gabriel “so”.

9. First real love – oh this is hard. define real. define first. define love.

10. First screen name
– My own name actually…

9 Latest

1. Latest alcoholic beverage – A desperate red wine spritzer at my niece’s fifth birthday party last night.
2. Latest car ride – Last night coming home from Senor Fabu’s birthday party.

3. Latest movie watched – Munich…sort of…i was trying to get work done and was making gill read me the subtitles (although he wouldnt use different voices)

4. Latest phone call made – To the bonsai. Shit…i was supposed to call her back…

5. Latest jacuzzi bath – Damn too long ago. The month before I got preg with the turnip..

6. Latest played cd – A mix i did myself.

7. Latest time you cried – Last night when i was emailing Trixie She kind of has that effect on me (blush)

8. Latest meal – Poptarts. Its whats for breakfast.

9. Latest curse – the f-bomb literally seconds ago when i realized i forgot to turn my phone on so gill could call me if he needed to ask me anything while out.

(ok I kind of arranged this because im dorky and ocd. So this was seven at Lisa’s i made it 8 because yes i am that dorky)

8 Things You Wear
Im assuming this doesnt mean all at once but things you tend to wear…

1. Glasses
2. Jammy bottoms
3. Gill’s clothes.
4. Hunting socks (as long as they arent the itchy wool…)
5. Thigh highs (OH MY GOD WHAT GENIUS INVENTED THESE? Goodbye panty hose ride!)
6. amber oil (good ones are HARD TO FIND so if anyone has leads on a good amber oil….)
7. Wedding Ring (From grandma (still living one) who gave them to us about five years after we were married saying “I hope they bring you better luck than they brought me”)(I think they have)
8. Gold ring engraved with a C from my bros and sils when i got master’s degree.

7 Have You Ever

1. Dated one of your best friends – Uh I married him?

2. Been arrested – Nope … but there’s still time, right? (lisa said this and im keeping it)

3. Fallen in love at first sight – Interesting coincidence here. Fell in love with a man at first sight who’s first question to me was “hi, would you like to get arrested today?”

4. Been in a TV program – Um yeah…i cant even get into it. It was a sixth grade health project. We ended up on Richard Simmons.

5. Had your heart broken – Yes. Oh yes.

6. Said you love someone without meaning it – Go here for the answer to that….I was the brainchild behind number 5.

7. Made a prank phone call – I make them to Gill alot, but he knows its me….its not less amusing of course….

6 Things You’ve Done Today

1. Negotiated with Norm.
2. Toasted and ate poptarts.
3. Made a list for gill.
4. Checked ads and coupons.
5. Kissed all my boys.
6. Read blogs.

5 Favorite Things (Im interpreted things sort of loosely)

1. My boyz

2. My wimmin.

3. My blogfriends (especially the ones who make my heart swell and hurtin a very good way… You know who you are….)

4. Summer parties that start in the afternoon and end sometime the next day with quiet hungover chats with friends who stayed the night…

5. Cant forget my sonicare toothbrush and Ti-Vo!

4 People I Can Tell Anything This is hard. I dont like this one. Im revising

1. Most of my wimmin.

2. Madame Fabu (except when i am afraid i will stress her out) and Spike(spike is a black hole of secrets. his wife told me this and ive been capitalizing on it since).

3. My dad, lucy and bonsai in many ways.

4. Shout out to my newest cyberconfidants (you know who you are!)

3 Choices

1. Black or white? Black (it represents my moth-er) (hehehee that was for gill and lucy)
2. Summer or winter? SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER
3. Chocolate or chips? This is a choice? you are joking….um chocolate….

2 things to do Before You Die
1. See my sons in safe loving relationships

2. Go back to Alaska.

1 Thing You Regret

1. Being a COMPLETE DORK about the section of 7, number 3 by engaging in a ridiculously awkward year long mutual crush that i destroyed every chance i got. Cringing just thinking about it.

Edited to add: So I was in the shower just now and i thought about number one. First asThe always thinking Luckybuzz pointed out, what the hell kind of question is this to end a countdown blog with? Second, is that really a regret? Did i really want to take the chance that in some world, i could have ended up being the future ex Mrs. Drunk scary guy in the liquor store? No. Im going to retract and go to the tried and true why did i need to screw my money up? regret…..

TAG YOU ARE IT!!!! (Pippa, Jen, Canada, LB, Trixie, Nan? my go-to me-me buddies)(crawlspace you havent wrecked a me-me in a while? come on!)


5 Responses to A Me-Me countdown

  1. Canada says:

    Will do tonight or tomorrow – leaving to play in concert soon, must do hair and change into “concert black” OMG, suddenly nervous, but very excited!!!

    And LOL re: chocolate or chips – here’s me thinking “oh, this must mean chocolate bar/chunk vs. chocoltae chips. Heh heh, obviously we are on the same wavelength!

    Damn you for being able to wear thigh highs – my thighs just don’t keep them up.

  2. Trixie says:

    swoon, swoon, swoon.

    You do the memes right girl. I feel like I know more than I thought I could know in a single meme.

    This meme is way too long for my beer-soaked brain to do today! But I’m working on it!

    xoxoxox, trix

  3. Canada says:

    Okay, I did it last night. And you know why it HAD to be done then? SO I could put “played in a concert” as one of the things I did that day. Dorkblogger, for sure.

  4. winterskibunny says:

    I really love these blogs, all sorts of interesting things you find out about people, and some who have the same dysfunctions that you do LOL.

    I also found you list regarding your profession quite amusing, though I understand it’s not so in reality. One of my earlier jobs was working in a nursing home, where one poor lady felt the need to hide silver wear…….well that’s best left to the imagination. and no it wasn’t my job to get it, but I collected the trays and was sure to observe if anything was missing.

  5. Lisa says:

    LOVE IT and am glad you stole it. After all, isn’t that what blogging is about? hehe

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