Ode To January

O January you are the most hallowed month of the year. I bestow all my monthly love upon you as a humble offering to the most honorable and worthy skycat (whose blog i do recommend!). I vow to dedicate myself to all things January because January 8th was the day that our beloved skycat was brought into the world (not to mention the day she WAS FIVE MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE AND DIDNT COME BY but I digress and still burn homefires for her and the fantastic YOGINI) (who invites devotion to the second most wonderful month of the year NOVEMBER) (For bringing YOGINI into the world)…screw april july or august. We heart JANUARY!! (then November) Now will you come drink frozen vodka slushies with me? I cant offer you an entertaining visitor who has been chased by monkeys in tibet but i do have pleasant accomodations!

oh and in case you forgot!
My Valentinr - crsezp
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5 Responses to Ode To January

  1. skycat says:

    WOW! I tried the valentine thing, by the way and it was too hard. I am sending you a psychic valentine, though. It should be hitting you right…about…NOW. January thanks you and we shall begin planning the slushie visit immediately. I only hope I can live up to all that ode-ishness (and no, I didn’t mean odiousness).

  2. luckybuzz says:

    “SCREW AUGUST”?????

    I am SO going to assume you had a moment of insanity and/or skycat was holding your vodka slushie hostage when you wrote that.


  3. Canada says:

    Screw April? And I thought we were friends! Wow, I was considering the mutual valentine, but now . . . I dunno . . .

  4. skycat says:

    I’m so sorry the others had to see your homage to the finest month. Of course they can’t help but seep with jealousy. Look when they were born.

  5. crse says:

    LB: errr…why would you think that? Oh come on, like you wouldnt sell out august for a visit from Skycat and Yogini?

    Canada, one day you will meet them and you will understand…. NO MUTUAL LOVE NOTES CANADA. I cant stand the lost opportunity.

    Skycat- forgive them. They know not what they do….

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