Why have I not died as a result of my own stupidity?

I lost my keys last night. Normal occurrence for most folks, yes. How i lost them? Is why Im a Dorkblogger During the cabin fever hell yesterday, I went outside and opened the trunk. Put the keys in my pocket when I went back inside. Ok if I forgot about them? That would be fine. But I didnt forget friends. No I did not. Instead I thought no less than six times during the day, “man its a bad idea to leave these keys in my pocket” and then proceeded to ignore myself. I believe I may have even called myself an idiot for letting them be out of place because as we know my tracking/survival skills are not what youd call….refined. Instead, I waited until six o clock at night right before plow guy showed up. I decided to change out of shorts (thinking it might be a little insulting to open the door in shorts to greet a man whod been trekking through snow all day) and remembered the keys. I remembered a huge sense of “OH GOD DO NOT LOSE YOUR KEYS” Then nothing. My domestic goddess gretty (who gets infinite thank yous for digging us out of our chaos today! I LOVE me that gretty!) spent the entire day looking. Seconds after she left, I went into my bedroom and re-enacted putting my pants on. Sure enough, they were under a pile of clothes on the dresser. Because that is where they stopped the second I forgot about them. SOME DAYS I HATE MY BRAIN!!! (AND I LB I THINK I MIGHT NOT JUST BE ANNOYED WITH IT, I THINK I REALLY DO HATE IT) But all’s well that ends well….

In other news, Gretty found eggs and Iced Cookie Guy dodged ANOTHER money collection for next week’s chinese food at the meeting. The good news is my people have decided to throw an en masse temper tantrum if he tries to eat without paying. A real old-fashioned gang and shame! Ill keep you posted!

Finally a shout out to my blogcrush Trixie who did her very own Thursday Thirteen today! As one of her devoted stalkers? I can tell you it is a delightful read, so go give Trixie a love up ok?


4 Responses to Why have I not died as a result of my own stupidity?

  1. gretty says:

    well damn, i love you too! (blush)

  2. Pippajo says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I can tell you two of The Viking’s notorious lost keys stories:

    The first was when we were dating and visiting my parents’ for the weekend. We went on a yard sale blitz with my Mom on Saturday and hit several moving sales in which we went through people’s houses to view the contents of their homes. The next day when we went to go back to school, The Viking’s keys were nowhere to be found. To make a long story short, he had to go back to each and every house we had been to the previous day and finally found them at one of the moving sale houses. The owners had found them sitting on the kitchen table!

    But that’s not the worst one. The worst was when he flew home from a business trip and got out to his truck in the airport parking lot only to discover his keys were missing. He tore his luggage apart, then went back inside and talked his way back onto the plane to look for them there (this was before 9/11 of course). Then he realized he had left them behind. IN ARIZONA! To complicate matters, it was 10:00 pm, he was in Baltimore, which was 90 minutes from home, and I was pregnant and on bedrest at my parents’ house. My father had to drive my keys down to Baltimore to give them to The Viking so he could get home. Which didn’t happen until after 2:00 in the morning.

    There! Feel better? You really should. I like to remind my Viking of that story whenever he’s teasing me about my dorkitude.

  3. Mert says:

    I do this weird thing where i multi task then loose something that was JUST in my hand! it drives me nuts!

    The iced cookie guy… man what a piece of work! Maybe he should get an anonymous note saying his dignity will be held hostage until he pays the Chinese Food ransom. Either that or you guys should tape a sign to his back saying, “Ask me if I paid for the chinese food yet!”

  4. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    It’s ok. I did something stupid today too. Really stupid

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