Final TT for real hopefully

Thursday Thirteen Life Gratitudes I Could Have Never Imagined”

1. My husband. My goofy wonderful amazing perfect match of a husband. I assure you gentle readers that we all thought I would end up with an abusive ex-con with a hair trigger temper. (that was at the height of my prison pen pal phase) (KIDDING there wasn’t a prison pen pal phase) (it was internet based) (KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING)
2. These beautiful amazing smart well-adjusted boys. I had no idea someone like me make could make something so perfect! twice!
3. My career. I bitch about it I know but when I think about how great my job is sometimes I actually get scared. It is a perfect Crse job! I literally get paid to be me! (and do a bunch of other stuff) Plus, this job has brought me in contact with some truly amazing people.
4. My friends. Oh. My. God. Where do I begin? I have way more amazing friends than one person should have. God my friends rock. Thank you rockin’ friends thank you! (special little shout out to Erthy for providing possibilities of awesome entertainment to us that I didn’t get til Monday because I was off my phone and sleeping all day….LOVE YOU ERTHY!)
5. Gret- She deserves her own for getting me through the most difficult stage of parenthood so far. To be taken care of in the manner ive become accustomed and even just to tell stupid things like “I think we got a new mail man” (and she knows even as she tells me that I am just as excited as she is by this). Gret the universe made this happen to save my life this winter. I love you. Oh and also because you do things like this to the Turnip.
6. My house. Growing up I never had a vision of what my house would be. We didn’t find this house, it found us. It was only the fourth place we looked at and I knew before we walked in. I have never felt so at home in a place in my life. Even if it may be haunted by candy bar, camera, cell-phone, bank card stealing ghosts. Now if the damn mortgage company would just back off about the payments.
7. Digital cable. I know I talk a lot about ti-vo and that is next, but I never could have conceived of having so much information available to me all at once. It is truly mindblowing that I can find out at any given time exactly what I need to know about the weather, what happened in congress, or the status of the Anna Nicole Smith case.
8. Which of course brings up ti-vo. Now I did fantasize about ti-vo before it happened. In a sort of “jetsons” way. But when my dad gave it to us as a housewarming gift? I had NO IDEA how lifechanging it would be. As god as my witness I will never be ti-voless again.
9. Speaking of which? My dad! What a truly. Rockin. Guy. He is constantly amazing me with how many different inconceivable ways he saves my ass all the time.
10. The picture phone. First I thought it was a waste but stay tuned for more gratuitous picture photos.
11. The internet. The idea that I can be faced with any mystery or nagging question that can be answered in a few short minutes COMPLETELY blows my mind even still. It’s a trivia lover’s wet dream.
12. My blog. Did I ever think I was going to end up “knowing” such amazing cool people? Although Gret is right now threatening to parent block it so I get my paperwork done, I believe it enhances my life in a way I could never before perceive.
13. The Thursday Thirteen. Its time to say goodbye and send future TTs out alone in the universe but I thiank you Thursday Thirteen. For giving me an outlet for my narcissism while allowing me to voyeuristically peek into other people’s lives! Viva La TT!

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9 Responses to Final TT for real hopefully

  1. gretty says:

    Now you’ve gone and mad me cry…I love you!!!

  2. gretty says:

    made not mad.

  3. Ash says:

    No more CRSE TT?
    Ash Very Sad.

  4. Pippajo says:

    So sad, so very sad.

    I cannot believe this is our very last TT.

    More time for Dorkbloggers!

    Can’t put why into words, but I really like this list.

  5. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Aw..why arent you doing any more TT’s. I’m taking this week off myself because life is just blech.

  6. luckybuzz says:

    Awww–I’m glad you have so much to be grateful for, sweetie. You totally deserve it.

  7. RockDog says:

    Tivo is like my third child, but is a little more disciplined. Only once have I had to raise my voice at my good boy Tivo…He always listens to me, but for some reason, one night he thought it would be funny to NOT record The Sopranos when I distinctly told him to.

  8. Canada says:

    Fab list. Hmmmm . . . could it be that since you were featured last week at the TT hub, there is nowhere to go but down? 😉

    I’m out of ideas currently, so I’m more sporadic!

  9. nancycle says:

    13a. crse’s blog

    Being grateful is my favourite part of my day, I’m happy to read it has been part of yours too.

    🙂 *** glee ***

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