Why I loathe the naked archeologist

In my fantasy life, people google that phrase every day and now I will have data that tracks this when it happens. But yes, friends. I do loathe him. Never heard of him? You aren’t missing much. If you want more details about him go here. I will tell you his real name is Simcha Jacobovici and I personally consider him to be the Shamu of the world of the study of ancient religions. I am not going to reduce this post to a dorkalogue of my undermining (with help from THE WORLD OF THE STUDY OF ANCIENT RELIGIONS) of all of his ludicrous and inane claims. But I will tell you, he is neither naked, nor an archeologist. He is however, an idiot with no more formal training in archeology or ancient religion than ME people! ME! (and lemme tell ya friends, degrees notwithstanding? I don’t consider myself qualified to do more than pontificate drunkenly in late night philosphical conversations). Why am I ranting about this friends? Well because a few weeks ago I first encountered the news as posted by my newest blog stalkee that he has once again teamed up with JAMES CAMERON (sorry indulge me friends while I see how many wise folks will google “why James cameron is a flamingly ignorant blight on society”)to create more ridiculous speculation. Speculation that will once again flagrantly disregard anything like actual historical fact or widely accepted academic belief and manipulate all his information to fit his “theory”. If I didn’t find them both so arrogant and annoying, I would probably be embarrassed for them. I admit I got distracted for a while (although not before googling and finding this metaphorical photo of our Shamu tossing around what could possibly be priceless artifacts) (If they aren’t dont tell me. I find comfort in adding this to my reasons to loathe) but then my DAD brought it up today. If the knowledge has reached the world of MY DAD, well then it’s gone too far. (love my dad? But he actually asked me what islam was today because he didnt realize it was the religion followed by Muslims) So I am here today to BESEECH you friends. BEG YOU even. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN OR BELIEVE ONE WORD OF HIS DOCUMENTARY. HE IS AN IDIOT. Regardless of your religious leanings or beliefs friends? HE IS STILL AN IDIOT. Ok that’s my vent. Im off to answer five questions from Canada.


4 Responses to Why I loathe the naked archeologist

  1. gill_smoke says:

    But I like his idiocy

  2. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    But if he’s not naked..why should I even care 🙂

  3. luckybuzz says:

    I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, but I like the way you rant.

  4. Trixie says:

    Just say no to psuedodocumentaries!! I love how you called James Cameron “a flamingly ignorant blight on society”!

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