Say it ain’t so joe!

Guess who is going back to Fucking St. Mary’s for a week? Gretty is so not ready for this. The rest of you? Im calling you all out on full-time entertainment duty. Remember, it takes a village to raise a crse.


4 Responses to Say it ain’t so joe!

  1. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    I will do my best..Hey with my current situation I need you too keep me from going further into the deep end

  2. luckybuzz says:

    Aww, I wish I could come out there and entertain you…I’ll have to do it over the internets, I guess.

  3. Mert says:

    I can burop the alphabet… but it doesn’t translate well over the net.

    I can give it a try though… here we go!

    Aaaaugghhh, Breeee, Ghhhhhceeeee, duughhheeee…


  4. Mert says:

    ROFL! I’m not sure what a “burop” is, but I think I just did it. SNORT!

    I’m so gonna kick the typo fairy’s ass.

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