Thursday Thirteen number 3

Thirteen Things Crse is Worried About This Week

1. Norm’s wistfulness about his ill-spent past. Lately, he has been referring back to his “childhood” and talking about if he were that age again, he would really do things differently. All this remorse before the age of five.
2. Gret not being my life manager anymore. (I cannot even speak about this) But go see her blog if you havent already!
3. Will we ever have premium movie channels again?
4. On that note, will my quality of life ever really improve? One of the mothers I work with tried to sell me cream for the bags under my eyes. I was shocked because for the past five years Ive honestly believed that the bags were only because Im not getting enough sleep. Once I get caught up and rested, they would go away. For the first time it occurred to me, Oh my god that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future. I will never get to watch grown up television, i will never leave the house unfettered, I will never completely relax again. Ergo those bags aint going away.
5. Is it better to admit to the children that I am a crappy mom or should I deny and let them realize it on their own? I guess the only difference is whether they will seek the therapy sooner or later based on the knowledge. This worry came as I was giving the turnip cookies for breakfast today.
6. Several small fires brewing at work. Only one is actually patient related. (no worries madame fabu, its just everyday bullshit)
7. Im flailing around in limbo since I lost my bag of important things. It isnt just the lost stuff, its the sense that anything could disappear with a moment’s notice. Ive already misplaced a stack of checks and my bank card several times. I have no sense of constancy.
8. Along the suckmom lines, I am totally neglecting their spiritual development. On the other hand, this post totally made me want to stand up and scream “Hell yeah”. Now if I could only impart it all into my children.
9. Even though Im a sorry assed excuse for a grand dork, Im very nervous about Friday the dorkteenth. How do we link in? Is there any way I can be disqualified because Im thinking about taking the dork out of the box.
10. What is going to happen to My man Kirby Carson?
11. The knowledge that we are completely out of cheese and I STILL have not gotten my eyebrows waxed is weighing on me. There is a connection between the two but the correlation is not causal.
12. The messed up societal values Im exposing my kids to every day. Everything from rampant consumerism to our fucked up attitudes about death to the ideals we as a society hold sacred. aw fuck.
13. On that note, Blogmaster rock star Xavier Onassis and my favorite neurotic wise west coastbloggin’ surfer boy both had disturbing realities on their blogs that yanked my head right out of the sand.

And that friends…is what is going through the mind of a crse this week.


10 Responses to Thursday Thirteen number 3

  1. Ash says:

    Aw, Babe. Sounds like you need cookies for breakfast too. I have bags under my eyes as well. I’m 23 years old for christs sake, but I realize now that damn kid is aging me. how will I look after number 2? HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT WITH 2 KIDS!

    Leila talks about being a baby too. “Did I do that mommy” and ” when I was a baby” It’s a little un nerving. What do you mean “was a baby”? YOU ARE STILL A BABY.

  2. luckybuzz says:

    Aw, sweetie. Sorry you’re having all kinds of angst. You are a stellar mom (I know–I’ve seen your momness in practice), and you rock in all the best ways possible. So there. 🙂

  3. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Cookies are great for breakfast…so’s pizza 🙂

  4. gretty says:

    A better mom I haven’t met!

  5. Xavier Onassis says:

    “Norm’s wistfulness about his ill-spent past.” LOL! Most adults don’t have any true memories before the age of 4 or 5. They might remember stories told about them before that age, but not true memories of their own. So if he’s going to be remorseful, now is the time!

    “Gret not being my life manager anymore” What the heck is a “life manager”? I’ve been married twice and both of my wives sure as hell acted like they were my life manager. Is it something like that?

    “Is it better to admit to the children that I am a crappy mom or should I deny and let them realize it on their own?” ADMIT NOTHING! EVER! Hypocrisy is The Key to Proper Parenting! No one in their right mind wants their children to be ANYTHING like them while growing up. There is plenty of time for truth-telling when they are older. But not now. Lie, decieve and manipulate! Those are the 3 Golden Rules for raising kids smarter than us.

    “I am totally neglecting their spiritual development.” Good! Glad to hear it! Kids don’t need to have their heads filled with a bunch of mystical B.S. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to rent “Jesus Camp”. Seriously. And I highly recommend every word written by Richard Dawkins (

    “The knowledge that we are completely out of cheese and I STILL have not gotten my eyebrows waxed is weighing on me.” I got nuthin’. And I’m O.K. with that. Not sure I need any more information about THIS dilemma. You’re on your own.

    “The messed up societal values Im exposing my kids to every day. Everything from rampant consumerism to our fucked up attitudes about death to the ideals we as a society hold sacred”

    This is actually very important.

    But you have to view it in immunological terms.

    Studies have proven that children who are exposed to pet dander, pollen, dust mites, etc as they are growing up develop immune responses that protect them later in life.

    Children who are sheltered from those things are much more likely to develop debilitating allergies later in life.

    It’s the “preacher’s daughter” syndrome. Also known as “Mormonism”.

    The more you seek to isolate a child from the real world, the more they will seek out and explore that world once they are outside your influence.

    It is much better to have them see reality when they are young, when you can help shape their perspective of what they are seeing, than have them walk into reality face first, blind and stupid, as soon as they are out of your reach.

    “Blogmaster rock star Xavier Onassis”?? I’m VERY flattered. But, for the most part, I have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about and anyone who follows my advice or accepts anything I say as fact does so at their own peril. I should have a BIG, Federally mandated, black and yellow warning sticker pasted on my body and everything I post warning “THIS IS FULL OF TOXIC SHIT! STEP AWAY! DISPERSE PEACEFULLY. RETURN TO YOUR HOME! THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE!”

  6. crse says:

    Ash- I swear you will bounce back. You are prime for the breeding. AND you are hot! And will continue to be with two little girls. And actually? I have no idea how i do it.
    LB and Gretty- You are too good to me. And stellar aunties of course!
    MOTD- The turnip has eaten pizza for breakfast on occasion!
    XO- Best comment ever! And yes she is exactly like a wife. And I plan on continuing on the lie deceive manipulate for my peace of mind trek. Its just whether i apologize along the way as they deteriorate. See Im worried because I dont want them to end up at jesus camp because we didnt give them structure. The cheese and the eyebrows…hehehe…i like the immunology comparison a LOT! (and tell parents that about kids in the actual original health way) And I was almost the victim of a hate crime at the hands of mormons once! NO LIE! But PSHAW about your humility buddy! That blog rocks! Steak and BJ day, thats all im saying. And no worries, I totally am not looking for facts. Its the opinions i dig! Face it! you are a blogmaster!

  7. Ash says:

    I like Xavier’s comment:

    I will never admit to my kids that I might be just another mediocre mom, just like my mom refuses to admit that she was a REALLY shitty mom.

    All fair in the parent wars, I say.

  8. Kirby Carson says:

    Thank you for your concern!

    Have a good weekend!

  9. Jenny Ryan says:

    #11 totally made me laugh out loud! 😀 that sounds like things that happen around our house all the time.

  10. winterskibunny says:

    Sorry for the delayed response here, but I am still trying to absorb that the bags under my eyes are not going away.

    Don’t you know that’s one of those things that you are not supposed to say outloud to those of us that fool ourselves everyday?

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