Its easter morning here at the panflutemaster house. So far, my children have experienced parental lies (at 630 “you have to be really quiet because the easter bunny sometimes comes early in the morning and if you make the slightest noise, you could scare him and he will drop all your candy” I was kind of proud of this as it bought me an extra hour and a half of sleep), violence (norm got a black eye when he was choking gill and gill snapped his head back) and a complete hedonistic abandon in eating all the candy they can fit into their little mouths. After baskets, i went back to bed and worshipped at the church of sleep until noon. My price for this? I had to hear gill use the phrase “making whoopee”. Thanks there bob eubanks. That was a total turn on.

Anyway, I want to thank you folks for supporting normtasia. I am working on finding the right voice to make it as pure norm as possible while providing all the details i can. Im struggling friends. But its fun and he is enjoying it immensely and has decided he wants to invite you all to his birthday party. Ill keep you posted on that one. Otherwise, enjoy your sunday!


9 Responses to mmm….bunnyheads….tasty

  1. gretty says:

    Normtasia has made me obsolete before I was even relevant! Save me a bunny head! Or at least a bunny torso.

  2. ZigZagMan says:

    In our house, it was a visit from the easter gargoyle. The candy is dropped into a plain brown paper bag with a hand drawn scary gargoyle…wearing bunny ears on it…then stapled closed.

  3. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    I’ve consumed far too much candy today. BTW did you get my email about that song?

    Happy Easter 🙂

  4. crse says:

    oh gretty, that picture brings you totally back into relevance. Trust me. And prepare to be sickened by the excessive amounts of candy here.
    zig- that. is. brilliant. I have a feeling when they get a little older….then you will be responsible for two easter traditions in the panflutemaster house, peep sword fighting and the easter gargoyle!
    MOTD: Yeah buddy I forgot to write back. Dont go to any trouble but if you want to put it up, id totally listen to it!

    Happy easter friends.

  5. RockDog says:

    Sounds like you had a good Easter 😀

  6. Jay says:

    That was a pretty eventful Easter morning. The Easter Bunny didn’t come by here. He’s afraid of me. The wimp!

  7. ZigZagMan says:

    Always happy to contribute to the chaos we call this world….lolol

  8. Mrs.ZigZagMan says:

    Zig…. Should we teach the panflutemaster house the camp drink song?

  9. crse says:

    Rockdog, thankfully kirby did not add to my easter aftermath.

    Jay- You could totally take the easter bunny! Id also pay for this fight on pay per view.

    Zig- ill make sure the kids give you a shout out during their long term therapy!

    Mrs. Zig! Im so glad you came by! And please! Teach us a song! We love songs!

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