bitch and moan monday the not so spring edition

Im so tired of being cold.
Here are some random bitches and moans in no particular order.

– Sometimes I just want to hurt children. Not my children. Not even my clients. I want to hurt other children who are mean and vicious and throw things like balls at people. And I also want to hurt the teachers that let it happen.

– Test question: If your supervisor leaves you a text message telling you that she wants you to call her, is it not proper protocol to call her? Did I miss the memo about this? Fucking iced cookie guy

-Is there any justice in the world that allows for the fact that while all of you got that test question, FICG did not, ergo I must drag my tired sorry ass out of bed at 6am to make sure Im at school waiting to lay the smack down when he walks in tomorrow?

– Since you did so well on the test, I offer you this math equation. One toddler + unholy amounts of chocolate – any reasonable nap= A horrific evening full of screams of dissatisfaction.

– Madame Fabu has another kidney stone! Boo hiss to kidney stones.

ok im sure i could bitch further but for now, the screaming has stopped and Im just feeling grateful for this little love crew I got going on here.

Maybe spring will come tomorrow…..


10 Responses to bitch and moan monday the not so spring edition

  1. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Sorry..I’ve had unholy amounts of chocolate myself 🙂

  2. Mrs.ZigZagMan says:

    I am also on board for the boo hiss to kidney stones…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it too late to ice a cookie reviewing the proper call=return call protocols?
    It would go right over his head, but YOU would enjoy it immensely…


  4. luckybuzz says:

    Boo! Hiss! Kidney stones suck! I’m sending empathetic vibes to Mme. Fabu.

    And happy vibes to you…spring HAS to be on its way, right?

  5. Canada says:

    Of course FICG didn’t call you. I mean, he might have to pay a few cents for the call, and we all know that he just doesn’t do that (off with his head!!!!!)

    I’m fucking tired of the cold, too. And whiny crabby kids who are also pissed off that the calendar says spring but the weather doesn’t. On the bright side, at least we aren’t shovelling (parts of the Maritimes got 30 cm, and I just don’t even want to think about snow)

  6. Ash says:

    See, in my household, (And I may be all cruella deville like) a toddler and no nap and copius ice cream can just go scream in her room. I dont have to listen to that kind of behavior.

    This is why all children should have thier own rooms. So no one else has to listen to that shit.

    Kidney stones suck major hairy eyeball. MAJOR. BOOOO! Kidney stones are so not squeelicious.

  7. Jenny Ryan says:

    I TOTALLY second the suggestion of icing a cookie with proper work procedures!! That is just an awesome idea!

  8. Ash says:

    I’m also going to point out that Gretty is first on my blogroll, whilst you are dead last. interesting alphabet thing I’ve got going on over here.

    Death to iced cookie fucker. DEATH, I say.

  9. ZigZagMan says:

    maybe FICG didn’t pay his cell bill because he is waiing for gasoline check?? 🙂

  10. Pippajo says:

    Ugh, chocolate most unholy…is it any wonder we’re all suffering from unpleasant digestive conditions here at The Hut?

    I decided to take one for the team and finish off the rest of the Cadbury Royal Dark candy-coated chocolate eggs just so no one else in this family would have to suffer. I’m selfless that way.

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