Technical difficulties

Our birthday photo retrospective was rudely interrupting by attempts to upload too many pictures at once (along with a few other acts of idiocy)that ultimately caused the blue screen of death. Please stay tuned for more norm than you can possibly handle.


7 Responses to Technical difficulties

  1. Ash says:

    This was posted in the early ass am.


  2. Ash says:

    And waiting

  3. Trixie says:

    Oh noooo!! Not the BSOD!!!! Happy belated birthday to Norm, anyway!

  4. ZigZagMan says:

    I also am eargerly awaiting shameless b-day pics!! 🙂

  5. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Damn that blue screen o’death.

  6. Mert says:

    Gar, we were having similar problems! Glad you’re back!

  7. Pippajo says:

    Bring it on!

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