Seriously how long has it been?

Because the mistress of the dark was gracious enough to tag me, and because I could really use some repetitive self-indulgence, Im doing another alphabet meme. And because you never step onto the same crse twice, the answers could end up being totally different anyway!

A: Available or Single? Mebbe
B – Best Friend? Oh go to the cast of characters. And a few are missing…
C – Cake or Pie? PIE. I LIKE PIE
D – Drink of Choice? frozen vodka slushies but we all know this.
E – Essential Item(s)? Still the cell phone but also….
Its my new little everything bag to replace my happiest in the hamptons bag. Target. One dollar! Can you even believe it?
F – Favorite Color? Blues purples greens.
G – Gummi Bears or Worms? Had I discovered the neon but not sour gummi worms last time I did this meme? Because their preservativey goodness makes me positively giddy.
H – Hometown? Do I discuss this here? I cant remember.
I – Indulgence? Sleep. Alcohol. Mocking people.
J – January or February? January just in case skycat is still out there somewhere!
K – Kids? 2
L – Life is incomplete without… cable tv.
M – Marriage Date: November 14, 1994. It was a monday.
N – Number of Siblings: 2 brothers. Im the middle child.

O – Oranges or Apples? Im actually on an orange kick right now (if you count eating three oranges in the past month a “kick”)
P – Phobias/Fears: Oh please. Can I just list my anxiety meds? The list would be shorter.
Q – Favorite Quote: “Is it wrong to toast David Hasselhoff?” My boss asked me this in an email on cinqa de mayo. Im seriously thinking of making it my signature…
R – Reasons to Smile?

S – Season? Summer
T – Tag Three: Gill, Gretty and The Zigs (even if you did it before I never saw it so indulge me!)
U – Unknown Fact About Me: Ok I think Madame Fabu and possibly Luckybuzz are the only ones who know this. Ive been ti-voing heroes all season but am afraid to watch until the end of the year because im not going to be able to stand the suspense. Im thinking Ill watch them all in september before the season premiere. I know this is irrational but i get anxious everytime I think about being left hanging.
V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Neither. Trying extremely hard to go with organic and animal “friendly” meat.
W – Worst habits? I could probably do an alphabet meme on my worst habits! Hey thats a great idea!
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? Well in the past ive been partial to ultrasounds because they generally involved seeing a baby but now im not looking forward to any body imaging.
Y – Your Favorite Foods: Tacos, ice cream, chocolatey things, pasta with unchunky sauce. Pesto. CHEESE.
Z – Zodiac: Leo. With Sag rising. (double fire hoo-ha!)


4 Responses to Seriously how long has it been?

  1. ZigZagMan says:

    tagging the Zigs eh……..ok….never done this one….we’ll see what I can come up with….:)

    Agrah ofcourse will have to come up with her own twist….which will be disturbing…….which is why I love her…:)

  2. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    I’ve never had a vodka slushy..where do these things come from? I want one…NOW!

  3. nancycle says:

    Re: J

    I went out for supper once on a date with a fireman and he told me a tragic story than ended with his partner saying something completely ‘inappropriate’ in order to detach and move on from the scenario.

    It’s coping providing no one gets offended. That may be something to put on your “good habit” list! Life can be heavy sometimes…

  4. Mert says:

    The Tivo thing had me giggling. I admire your resolve, I don’t think I could do it. We currently are on a 24 marathon… I heart Netflix. Only 3 more seasons to go *sigh*

    Trust me, as soon as Heros comes out on DVD, I’m on it! My hubs is too cheap to get tivo, but he let me have high speed internet so I can’t complain too much.

    BTW, bathroom alphabet… lower case b and a j.

    Which is funny considering my latest dork bloggers post. 😉

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