Insomniacal Thursday Thirteen

I know friends. Im complaining about insomnia when you folks havent been able to sleep for months waiting for my next Thursday Thirteen. So without further ado, here it is.

Thirteen Unexpected Somethings About The Week: Focusing on the positive.(sans graphic)

1. The principal who kept me awake in fear last night turned out to be my new BFF. Granted he also blatantly lied to my face regarding his besmirchment of me and mine, but strangely, this did not bother me. In fact, I was somewhat comforted by his having the decency to care enough to cover it up to my face.

2. The above allowed me to come to the realization (once again) that I dont really give a crap what most people think about me as long as they can fake it to my face. And Im pretty sure the opinions i do value are genuine and not faking. Its a good comfort zone.

3. A patient who threatened to strangle me most definitely did not strangle me and was able to leave the session laughing and in a better mood.

4. I have two birthday parties this weekend and actually have gifts for both of them already and its only wednesday. This is unprecedented.

5. The turnip’s hateful baby syndrome may possibly be related to fluid in his ear. Im embracing this explanation as opposed to Gill and Gret’s which is that he is not capable of accepting any sort of change positive or negative without expressing some level of rage.

6. I found a new happy place in the blogoverse but am not sure if its a sharable thing yet.

7. I got the “Thinking Booger Award” from my beloved mert. Prestige friends. The blog has prestige.

8. Im learning more and more about the wonderful world of data collection and graphing. The sad part? Im not joking. The way the information comes together is delightful to my idiot savant brain. Presenting it in an organized manner makes me feel fullfilled and happy. Im starting to have graph daydreams. (NO ITS NOT PATHETIC DAMMIT!!!) (before you judge me, see above about faking it to my face!!!)

9. I think I convinced a patient that not only is dissociative identity disorder a highly controversial disorder that is most easily explained by faking, but also that obsessing about spider-man is annoying the hell out of her friends and crippling her socially. Tomorrow will tell….

10. The honey is finally out of my hair (and sadly friends, the incident did not involve turnip or any children. Just spider monkey antics on my part)

11. My dad completely and totally rocks. This is not unexpected but it needed to be said.

12. I think I might actually be getting tired. Thats kind of a nice surprise.

13. Gill brought me a new sudoku book tonight (better than a dozen roses, my man knows his crse). I think im off to go do some in bed!

Good night friends and fellow TTers!


7 Responses to Insomniacal Thursday Thirteen

  1. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Yay for not getting strangled. I miss doing the Thursday Thirteen, but I’ve run out of creativity for them for the time being.

  2. RockDog says:

    Just so I understand…obsessing about SpiderMan is not a positive thing? (putting away wrist web shooters and spidey mask…)

  3. luckybuzz says:

    I hope the Turnip’s HBS clears up soon! Speaking from experience, ear problems can make even the sweetest baby somewhat hateful…

  4. ZigZagMan says:

    still curious aboutthe honey in hair thing!!! 🙂

  5. Jay says:

    Well, any week that you don’t get strangled is a positive developement. Yeah, that IS setting the bar kind of low, but I like to make it easy to consider things a success.

  6. nancycle says:

    You sound like you’re managing quite nicely! I like that you were not strangled, I like that you are prepared for two bday’s in advance (what a nice gift to yourself!), I like the way you’re opening the possibilities that turnip might have more going on that just being a BA (Bad Ass). I like that you have a new mysterious blog space that you are accessing. I like that you were noticed. I like that you are getting to know your inner geek – she’s probably BRILLIANT. I like that you help people. I like that the honey is out of your hair. I like that you appreciate your father. I like that you might be getting tired. I like that your hubby shows you love like this.

    Sweet Dreams!

  7. Jenny Ryan says:

    Ooh, fluid in the ear can be painful. I had to have tubes in my ears 3x’s before the age of 12 thanks to fluid in the ears. Hope the Turnip feels better soon!

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