Free Grape Popsicles On May 27.

Now thats a hell of a thing to see on a sign! I was quite intrigued myself. Why only grape popsicles? What are they doing with the orange and cherry? Is someone in the Park Diner employ aversive to grape and we are eating all the left over popsicles from the past two years? Because you cant just buy only grape right? And if you can, where can I get a piece of that because I like grape a lot….Furthermore, what is significant about the 27th? Its not memorial day. Its the day before. Im right puzzled friends. Right puzzled indeed. Its been a hell of a week and im so behind on everything im sorry. But I promise Im going to catch up on my blog-reading and posting soon. Gretty has been staying wiht us the past few days so Ive had the opportunity to almost complete my list of Gretisms for your reading pleasure, so stay tuned for that! Im going to try to catch up a little now but if i dont get to you today dont forget about me! (especially Ms. Mert whose blog shuts my whole computer down when i open it) (I miss my Mert fix!)

Edited to add: For Ms. Lina’s benefit, here are what popsicles look like

I thought it was interesting that i could not find a picture of the grape. Now this is what generally constitutes a popsicle. Back in the day you could only find them in this form so you would have to break them in half. It was difficult for the obvious reason that you had to keep track of the half-opened freezer burnt pops and ask for a different flavor lest you get stuck with the icky one. (i was better at this than my brothers. To this day, i dont think they caught on to the strategy). Now you can buy them individually wrapped. I couldnt find a picture of an individually wrapped one. But i did find this:

Now these are called Flavor-ice. You buy them in bulk. You get like five hundred for under five dollars or something insane like that. They are individually wrapped but connected together tubes of not yet frozen popsicle juice. You separate them and freeze them and then when you want one, you grab your tube and either snip off the top with scissors or bite it off with your teeth (I recommend the former, but have been reduced to the latter one more than one occasion) Squeeze up the cicle part and enjoy! We do not refer to them as flavor-ice however. We called them Freeze-cicles. Norm just generalizes everything to popsicle however.

With this wide array of frozen possibility, one can only imagine what sunday has in store in terms of the great grape popsicle give away. I only hope i can come back tomorrow with an answer for you friends.


10 Responses to Free Grape Popsicles On May 27.

  1. Lina says:

    What on earth is a Popsicle?? Sounds dead dirty.

  2. crse says:

    I wish lina. Im about to post a link for my foreign contingency (which of course is….well…you)

  3. luckybuzz says:

    Okay, first of all, this is why we’re friends: I despise grape popsicles. I despise orange ones, too. So I’ll eat the cherry ones, and you can have the rest.

    Second, those second ones are also Otter Pops, though it was GB who first told me that term (it might be a west coast brand?). I love “otter pop”. 🙂

  4. Jay says:

    I love all frozen treats. Popsicles, sno-cones (sno-cones are my favorite!), Italian ice and the list goes on and on. I’m pretty basic about the flavors. Grape or Cherry for me. None of this green apple or watermelon or whatever.

  5. Canada says:

    Oooh, baby, bring on the lime popsicles!!! I also like banana, and cherry (not grape – ick). I used to eat the chrry ones so I’d have pink lips before my mom would let me wear makeup, lol.

    The second ones are what we refer to as “freezies”. At least they are easier to transport from the grocery store to home. (and my fave flav in those is the clear/white that are creamsicle flavoured).

    Big congrats to Norm!!! Nice job on the preschool grad, dude!

  6. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Mmmm I could go for a popsicle right now or a fruit bar. Mmmmmm

  7. Mert says:

    I’m sorry my blog does that to you… I wonder if it’s the gazillion blogrolls I have on it?

    Do you read me in bloglines? *sniff* I miss you too! I’m desperate for your comments so email ’em to me, kay?

    Hugs and snurgles, butterflies and rainbows LOL! Mert

  8. RockDog says:

    …you grab your tube and either snip off the top…

    What the hell is going on here??? I turn my back for one minute and someone is snipping tops off!

    It’s rather wrong…



  9. nancycle says:

    I had a weakness for freezies when I was pregnant – I could eat them back to back with cucumbers and vinegar.

    Your post reminds me that SUMMER IS INDEED HERE!!!


  10. Lina says:

    Ah, I see. How very interesting. We have them over here of course, though smaller, thinner and with only one stick.

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