The Ugly Season…..It isnt just for Christmas anymore…

Oh friends. I do not have answers on Grape popsicles. I do have high-lights from the memorial day extravaganza! First, Ill offer up the positives, then…the shame.

-We had a really nice showing in spite of the torrential downpour that happened fifteen minutes before the party was supposed to start. Thankfully, my parties never start on time and nobody even showed up until close to an hour later. Needless to say, we were not ready so my smack down crew sprang into action and gave me firm instructions not to wander off the property to show up in a bus station in minneapolis three days later. Easy enough.

– Moe, her husband and Owie came! I hadnt seen Owie in over a year and it was so exciting to see them socially as a family. Owie is quite the little hoop shooter too! I have a feeling we will be going to see his basketball games in ten or twelve years…

– Food was fantastic. Man I love me some good cooking people! From bean dip to pepperoni rolls to veggie pizza and home-made cucumbers to some kick ass desserts of all kinds, we had a fine eatin’ shin dig!

– There was a bonfire and amazing things happened there (and then in my garage)(the amazing things, not the fire). Things that make me realize that I really am so completely lucky to have found my friends. Things that make me so proud and honored to have the friends I do. Things that make me realize that I spend way too much time focusing on what is wrong and forgetting that the answers are right in front of me. In the faces of these amazing women. The ones who were there and the ones who didnt stay.


-More shameful realizations include but are not limited to:

– Apparently I broke my glasses at some point. Im not sure how but I do have vague memories of peeing behind a tree in my yard, sitting in a vodka soaked lawn chair, having a discussion about my vodka soaked ass, people tracking down the glasses and my friend K being extremely proud that she salvaged my drink through all of it.

– I apparently repeatedly asked if my brother was coming to the party about fifty times after being told that he wasnt.

-I am pretty certain I alarmed a thirteen year old by unsolicitedly eating the tomatoes off her plate.

-I announced proudly to the entire party that I was in fact, a rabid PM Dawn fan. (Dont know PM Dawn? Probably because you blinked sometime during 1993 and it was all over) I decided it was important to support this claim by finding the cd and playing it for everyone still in attendance. It may have been the only action I completed in the face of distraction throughout the entire evening. Yeah…go me…

– Unaware that Norm was right in front of me, I shared loudly with my friend that we’d made up the story about burying the bird in the back yard and that he really ended up in the trash. Thankfully, I was slurring a LOT at this point so it didnt really matter I dont think.

– I may or may not have insulted a friend Ive known for almost twenty years by offering (once again unsolicited) parenting advice about a situation I wasnt even able to process through the drunken haze and then repeatedly shouting YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU in his face. I also vaguely remember forcing him to repeat that he knew I loved him.

– I apparently arranged for a group coffee date for today but had no recollection til i found my phone again around 7 (right after I woke up) and found several messages from my friends. I. Suck.

Welcome to summer friends….


10 Responses to The Ugly Season…..It isnt just for Christmas anymore…

  1. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Sounds like you had a much better weekend than I did.

  2. Ash says:

    Been there so many times. I suck a lot too.

  3. Canada says:

    Oh yeah, Memorial Day. Our long weekend was the previous one (Victoria Day). Hope you weren’t too hung over (unlike me on Sunday morning. Weddings, wine, and cute guys serving the wine leads to overindulgence)

  4. RockDog says:

    All in all, it sounds like a kick ass time! If we sent you a video camera, would you video all of your adventures for us??? You would be a YouTube SuperStar!

  5. ZigZagMan says:

    LOL sounds alot like camping without the tents!! 🙂

  6. luckybuzz says:

    Okay, I’m totally going to need more details than this, you know. I’m guessing the traumatized, tomato-less 13 year old is someone I know? But I’m trying to place the friend who was clearly in need of your parenting advice…same family?

    Details, woman! Initials are fine! 🙂

  7. crse says:

    Glad you folks could either laugh or relate!
    Yes indeed LB, both your guesses were correct! Your GD was very gracious regarding the tomatoes. As far as the other family member, I have no recollection of his response at all. Furthermore, I cant even remember what I felt so compelled to intervene about. Good times…good times…

  8. Pippajo says:

    Wow, so much to process and then respond to and all I can think is, how do you make cucumbers? Don’t you just grow them? Did you mean home-GROWN cucumbers? Or did you mean home-made PICKLES?

    Sorry for the yelling, but I don’t know how to italicize in comments.

    We had no vodka at our party. But there was rum. And lots of “why is the rum gone” jokes.

    I, somehow, and in front of both my father and my 6-year-old son, threatened Red Headed Snippet with taking off my shirt. And I wasn’t even drunk.

    I didn’t do it. She called my bluff.

  9. luckybuzz says:

    I’m glad I guessed right. And now I just love you more.

  10. Mert says:

    Well, I wasn’t there, but it sounds like the good still out weighs the bad. 😀 You are blessed to have such wonderful friends!

    Sounds like a good time though, I would have loved to have witnessed the vodka butt!:D

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