It is 7am. Where the hell did the day go already?

How about Things I Need wednesday?

I need:

– a freaking reality check about my stunning levels of procrastination

-to call the eye doctor because wearing contacts from 2003 (no worries friends, they were sealed. They dont expire til october) has turned out to be not such a good thing in that it takes about a half hour to get them in my eyes due to the personal idiocy factor, I see flaws in my face that my glasses protected me from, and i cant seem to wear them for more than about five hours without feeling like all my eye juice has dehydrated….

-some caffeine. Yes I could go make coffee but it makes much more sense to sit here until Gill gets up (its 7am, why is he not up? I should go check but as I said, Im sitting here) and then pull the aging movie star from the hospital bed routine. Ive recently realized that a fundamental part of our marriage is that he will do absolutely anything I ask him to as long as I make myself look ridiculous in the asking. He has no cause for complaint. He’s trained me to be the spider monkey I am….

-To stop gaining and losing the same three pounds every week. I gain it on the weekend and lose it on the weekday. I had a moment of truth a few weeks ago about my sugar addiction and tried to make changes. The only one that seems to be sticking is that I am ordering the sugar free latte’s at sheetz as opposed to the sugar free mochas because I found out that the extra shot of syrup in the mochas is absolutely not sugar free.

-To get my ass to church this weekend. Lucy and her family are hosting coffee hour. She will have pesto dip. I have not met the minister’s new baby who is now over a year old. Did I ever tell you about my church? Its Unitarian. I love it because the minister looks almost exactly like Luckybuzz. Its comforting.

-To stop blogging and go check on Gill. Im going to try to convince him to call off because he does not feel well. It would be much better if he were here driving the children insane….

hey its only 715! Go me!
PS: the stories that blurred from sunday are starting to roll in. It aint pretty folks. It aint pretty….


5 Responses to It is 7am. Where the hell did the day go already?

  1. Ash says:

    Did you kill or rape anyone? No, didn’t think so.

    Tain’t no thing.

  2. Jay says:

    Oh heck. If you’re getting out of bed before 7 am then you’re not as bad as me. That’s early. I don’t do mornings very well. I do my procrastinating late at night, when it’s more convenient.

  3. RockDog says:

    More stories from the blurry Sunday! LOL!

  4. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    I didn’t know contact lens had an expiration date. Must check mine…I’ve had some sitting around for yonks, because I hate wearing them.

  5. Mert says:

    GF, I need to get me arse to church too, I feel ya! God and me, we aren’t on speaking terms right now. Blah.

    Blurry Sunday huh? I have to check this out, I think I may have missed something.

    I am feeling your pain on the 3 lbs thing too. My problem is I am hungry all the time, and even when I’m not I still eat. Food addicting- BAD! Also, I’m usually up to between midnight to 3 am… sometimes I’m not tired. How the heck am I supposed to stop eating before 9pm?;)

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