damm blogger

Ok I forgot to tag and blogger will not recognize changes in editing right now. In reparation, I offer a bonus fact: Gill has a variety of alarms set in different tones on his cell phone. They start at 530am and end when he finally gets up. Sometimes, I have a little fantasy that Im stabbing him repeatedly or hitting him wiht a baseball bat and the alarms are my soundtrack. Please friends. You know I love the man intensely madly and deeply, but who does not see that as justifiable homicide?

onto the tags: Im exempting my newer readers from being tagged to give them time to learn to grow to love this blog to the point that they will feel no more than mild annoyance when i tag them at some point in the future. For my regulars: Im sorry if you dont do me-mes. (well Not that sorry). Ash tagged half my people already and gretty snagged even more!

1. Every blogger’s darlin’ Pippajo
2. The delightfully snarkalicious Lisa
3. The always entertaining Crawlspace
4. The crown prince of dorkdom Zigzagman
5. The one and only Mistress of the Dark Andrea
6. The hippest of all the suburban white guys Xavier Onassis
7. The man who defines cynical bastardry himeself Jay
and last but NEVER EVER least
8. The decadently delightful blogoriffic pleasure that is Ms. Trix


4 Responses to damm blogger

  1. Stinkbait Boucher says:

    I use my cell phone as an alarm clock, night light, sleep aid and cat deterrent.

    Bôbée, my wife, has entertained similar homicidal tendencies and has not felt compelled to hide them from me.

    She has nightmares about the evil blue light that illuminates my side of the bed and the horribly demonic chirpings that welcome me to each new morning.

    I suspect she’ll kill me over this one day, appear on Oprah, and become the sweetheart of a brand new movement.

  2. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Mine are up 🙂

  3. ZigZagMan says:

    ok goofass…..I’m up….wuhahahahahah……:)

  4. crse says:

    Stinkbait (if i may)- I will definitely get tickets to that show. Tell your wife that I will be the one tearfully shouting supportive comments in the audience.
    MOTD and Zig- Thanks for playing!

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