i think its because ive mentioned bewbies.

Stolen directly from the woman who hides her smut well at Polyopia and indirectly from the teasingly naughty Ms. Trix :

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Mingle2Free Online Dating

Im proud to be restricted to children under 17. Makes me feel dirty in a very good way!


14 Responses to i think its because ive mentioned bewbies.

  1. Crawlspace says:

    my blogs are all PG or G which is odd, since I curse like an old church woman, and I post pictures of artisticlly rendered nipples… Suspicious.

  2. Canada says:

    Ooooh, crse is the bad girl!!! I, of course, got a PG rating (I said hell. Twice.) But if the rating guy had come drinking with me, I’m sure I’d be NC-17!!

  3. Stinkbait Boucher says:

    Damn, I mean, dang. My blog is rated NC-17 according to that site. I had no idea I was that edgy.

    Thanks for the tip…I think.

    I feel so turded…

  4. luckybuzz says:

    I do hide my smut well. As do you, my friend. 🙂

  5. ZigZagMan says:

    if this place is rated R….where’s the boobies?? 🙂

  6. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    I’m only PG. I’m disappointed in myself…

  7. Lina says:

    crse you bastard you beat me. Oooh, am livid! Am de-blogrolling you, you’re vile. 😉

  8. Mert says:

    I’m rated R also, last week I said bastard like 8 times in 1 post. ooops!

    I think I just blew my squeaky clean image *snort*!;)

  9. RockDog says:

    I’m only rated ‘R’??? Weird…

    Yeah, where are the boobies???

  10. Jay says:

    Mine was rated R also. Of course, we pretty much already knew that would be the case given the name of my blog. LOL

  11. winterskibunny says:

    Interesting, my-famil-sucks rated NG 17.

    Middle Aged Princess was an R, those darned TMI Tuesdays LOL.

    Mannerly Mutts got a PG, would have gotten a G but I talked about hunting dogs (guns) and death.

  12. Xavier Onassis says:

    I got a R rating too.

    “This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

    fucking (6x) hell (3x) fuck (2x) death (1x)”

    I’m pretty sure that was just from one post.

  13. RockDog says:

    Still…I see no boobies. False advertising???

    Have a kick ass weekend!

    RockDog Unleashed! Saturdays at Midnight (EST)

  14. crse says:

    Crawlspace: Your blog is a veritable haven of nipples. It makes no sense to me.
    Canada: I second that…
    Stinkbait: Im kind of jealous! And I have to say Ive never heard the word turd used as a past tense verb before. Or is it a direct object?
    LB: I wiggle my eyebrows at you baby.
    Zig: Oh there’s bewbies zig. They are just understood bewbies. (you know, like the “you” before “have a good time” or “take your clothes off”….)
    MOTD: I was surprised about this myself.
    Lina! Dont de-blogroll me before i update my own blog to add you! That would be crushing.
    Mert: I like to think of you as a fine character driven blog. Oscar worthy even….
    Rockdog: Oh the bewbies are here my friend. Right now. Looking right atcha.
    Jay: yeah thats one way to go blue…
    WSB: NC-17 probably involves what you’ve suggested certain family members can do to themselves!!!
    XO: Im so surprised that a blog whose front page includes “Satan’s cheerleaders” and “A Cialis ad with Cuba Gooding Jr.” got R. Really…

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