Monday Musings

Thanks for all your kind words friends. I am happy to say that after a particularly hellacious five days, chez panflutemaster has returned to “normal”. Im woefully behind on the lives of all my friends in the blogoverse but I promise Im going to catch up soon! Typically, I silently hang my head in shame when Im this behind but my dearest Madame Fabu has seen better days recently (work is insane, car problems extraordinaire) and I wanted to give her a little something in case she gets over here for stress relief. (although last i heard she and senor were childless for the evening and engaged in some sort of clorox fuelled night of hi-jinx) So here are a few (very few) monday musings.

– YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FRIENDS: (I call you all as patent witnesses)Here is a brilliant idea for a product. You know how some people only like burnt potato chips? Well how about a brand of potato chips that are specifically burnt? Just Burnt Potato Chips. I think I would totally buy these chips. (I ate some burnt crackers today and while enjoying their tastiness, I could not help but think that this could really catch on. A whole cottage industry of ill-prepared yet tasty treats)

– During my seventy billionth viewing of Spongebob Squarepants this evening, I picked up an interesting little bit of trivia. At the beginning of the movie, as sponge bob prepares for what he expects to be a big promotion at the krusty krab, he alludes to his wall of pride which, as he reports, displays 375 consecutive employee of the month awards. Now I crunched the numbers friends…..sit down and take a deep breath… means that spongebob has been working in that restaurant for over 30 years! Granted, Im not sure if there is a human to sponge year ratio like we have with dogs, and no clarification appears to be available regarding bikini bottom labor laws, but if we translate this all to human equivalents? SPONGEBOB IS 47 YEARS OLD. The implications of this are absolutely mind boggling. Again, you heard it here first!

Sega and other clown dodgers, this is a clown alert!

– I know I have not spoken of “der kamp” in a while. I will tell you this. There is a HUGE difference between an american clown and the German KLOWN. And it aint just how you say the word my friends. (In case you are wondering, you say american clown like a little whiny whimper. The German Klown? You make that K HARD and you draw out the OW in klown. You let the n slide a little because you know what? The KLOW part is enough! Cant say that about american clowns now can ya?) I have heard the siren’s call once again friends. Except this time, its not the tinkling song of the ice cream truck of my dreams allowing me to travel the open roads providing frozen sticks of happiness to all who cross my path. Now it is the life of the KLOWn that calls to me friends. Its a dream yes. But its a damn big one…..

ok again promise i will catch up soon!

A few promos:

-If you havent had the chance, track down Rockdog’s webradio show It happens saturdays at midnight and i havent caught it yet, but hear tell its an uproariously good time.

– Speaking of Klowns, Mert has been nominated for class clown! And everyone who knows mert knows she has the heart of a German Klown friends. Go vote for her.

Go give some love:

Gretty is celebrating her 40th birthday on Wednesday. Birthday wishes are welcome to be sure.

My sweet little Ash is on her last few weeks of gestation. In Florida. In the summer. Cool breezes and comfort of all sorts would be welcome there im sure!

thats all i got, ill try to be better!

Edited to Add: So in perusing my sitemeter (or as i like to frame it: stalking my stalkers) I noticed Im getting all these hits for some google image thing from all over the country. I look into this a bit further and its THE DAMN WEASLY TWINS!!!! (Lucy just left me a funny message about her Harry Potter bedmate btw) I have not seen a single harry potter movie and I read one book (I LOVE YOU PIPPA DONT CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF!!!!) and found it….mediocre. Maybe its just late and Im just tired, but Im kind of amused by the thought of rabid harry potter fans ending up at the last possible place they will find dumblefuck (or whatever it is) information. Its the little things…..


11 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. Factor 10 says:

    I liked the first several Harry Potter books, but not as much as I like Dumblefuck.

    I will now drive the Honey crazy trying to work that into conversation.

    I’m also very glad that the turnip is back to normal, and that you have returned to the blogging world.

    We heart CRSE.

  2. Ash says:

    You hit it on the nail, Ya’ll send me cooling vibes NOW!

    (For the record, this bab is coming out on monday, come hell, high water and the dr’s scapel)

  3. RockDog says:

    Thanx for the plug…I’d like to add that it is also a clown free zone…

    Have a great week!

  4. luckybuzz says:

    Re: burnt chips: GB would be all over that. He always asks me if I want any when he’s about to make microwave popcorn, because if I don’t, he deliberately burns the whole bag. See, I think that’s just gross, but I get that y’all would buy them.

    I’m finding the Spongebob thing oddly disturbing. I can’t think about it anymore.

  5. Mert says:

    I also like the slightly burned chips, YUM! Oh hell, you could slather cardboard in grease and I’d probably eat it 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out, my friend! I love it, I’m a KLOWn!

    Don’t feel bad, I’m in the minority, I haven’t read a single Potter book and haven’t seen any of the movies…

    I’ve always been on the outskirts of what is fashionable so this is typical and typically me starting to get interested right before a thing curls up and dies.

  6. Mert says:

    Oh yeah, and I find Sponge Bob’s child-like mannerisms endearing 😉 Age is just a number, after all… right?


  7. ZigZagMan says:

    soooooooooo….sponge bob is really paul rubens???? 🙂

  8. Jay says:

    I would totally buy a bag of burnt potato chips. Especially if they’re extra salty. I’m tired of chip makers making their stuff less salty. It’s much better with beer if it’s really salty.

  9. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Wow! Spongebob is a bit old to still be working at the Krusty Krab then! Tee hee. Blasted underachieving cartoons.

  10. crse says:

    jenn- i heart my jennfactor too!
    Ash- Baby call me
    Rock dog-its clown free but is it KLOWn free?
    LB- personally? I hate burnt popcorn but it does support the whole cottage industry idea! Please tell GB that we cant wait to burn popcorn for him next month!
    Mert- I love you SO MUCH. I think we like sponge bob because we relate to him (and your damn blog WILL NOT EVEN LOAD this am) (but in your defense, i think im running slow today)
    Zig- YES!!! The enigma is solved. Its all coming together now.
    Jay- see? we could make an extra salty brand.
    MOTD- I agree. And knowing Eugene Krabs, Ill bet he doesnt even have a pension!

  11. Pippajo says:

    Oh, girl, you are testing me aren’t you?

    Why don’t you just get it over with and proclaim that you just love, love, love Oprah and Julia Roberts and think Sarah Jessica Parker is a gorgeous goddess and that people who sneeze sliently are charming? I’m steeled for it, I’m ready.

    But, really now, though I do get my knickers in a knot when people declare HP to be evil and Satanic (especially when they’ve just ended a 19-minute diatribe on the responsibility every Bible-reading American has to not only see but also campaign on behalf of Lord of the Rings series (i.e. my father-in-law)), I do not get personally offended when someone reveals they simply do not like my beloved Harry. And DumbleDORE, just for clarification.

    You have clowns, I have Harry Potter. We’re probably, on some strange, inordinately childish level, even.

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