Because Im a gretty groupie

Im going to convert this thursday thirteen to a tuesday twelve sheerly out of love for the gret Twelve things (ok yeah i could come up with thirteen but its gretty here and good groupies are consistent groupies) Im extremely happy about this week. Warning the list will include but not be limited to the fantastic and surprisingly low key birthday i had yesterday.

1. The best birthday present I think Ive ever gotten. (courtesy of my artiste friend gretty)
(Bear with my sorry attempts to capture this on film)

2. Gill got me a snazzy new printer/copier/scanner/fax machine HOOKED UP RIGHT TO MY LAPTOP! Now all i need is the catheter and ill never leave this chair again.

3. Kickball season starts wednesday and I set my first official work boundary by rescheduling my supervision group despite the fact that not every single person could be accomodated. Usually I would apologize profusely and/or sacrifice my own plans to do the group but with the support and encouragement of madame fabu (just one of the many reasons she has this name!) I did not do this and people are going to have to deal with it. Go me!

4. The lusciously lovely Luckybuzz sent me this and I clearly need to add it to my page somehow.

5. LB and her husband the gorgeously goofy Gospel Bob as well as several other people including my little facebook contingency ( Terrifically tantalizing Trix! My own spider monkey song! You have no idea what that means to me!) made special birthday wishes that melted my heart and made me happy! (gospel bob, i hope you are blog stalking me. If you aren’t its ok. Ill just pretend you are silently stalking and not leaving comments!)

6. Best birthday song performance goes out to Lucy and the Lucettes(the adorable little moppets that are my nieces) for the birthday song message of a lifetime. You guys are all rockstars!

7. Going to the crawford county fair with the Fabus this weekend! (note to Lucy, playing “there’s your boyfriend/girlfriend” in Crawford County is like playing it at Rogers. Its just too damn easy)

8. Whenever Im down?

I simply cross dress my baby and life just feels better*

9. We are in the midst of another wave of birthdays. Yesterday, was also my dearest friend and birthday buddy C-no’s fortieth birthday. Our friend Lainie is on the 26th. Luckybuzz is the 31st. My oldest little adorable moppet/niece (who needs a good nickname) is September 1st, both Gospel Bob and the fabulously beautiful and brilliant Feather share September 14th, and Princess Fabu and my cousin Litchick are the 15th. Bring on da noise bring on da ugly season!

10. Im still making my bed.

11. Ive spun most of my fall schedules into a believable set of lies. (again go me!)

12. Awww! Just when I was struggling for number 12 my brother just called to wish me a happy birthday! As the guy with the tangerine lipgloss says “Im one lucky gal”.

Thanks for indulging me friends.

*Note: in my defense, he actually chose the outfit himself. (also you can see parts of princess fabu in the background if you look carefully!)


18 Responses to Because Im a gretty groupie

  1. Bunny says:

    A Snow White Turnip!! Too frickin’ cute!

    My b-day is Sept 6 – can I be on your list? It’s 40 this year – mid-life crisis time! Or an I already there?

    Gretty gives the best gifts ever! That looks fabulous!!

    Have a great time at the fair!

  2. gretty says:

    you never fail to make me blush!!i’m gonna use turnip in a gown for my screen saver!
    and happy (early) 40th bunny !

  3. MaggieMay says:

    OMG, your cross-dressed baby is makin MY day, too.

    Happy birthday crse!

  4. Ash says:

    Dude, it’s your birthday? Better pick up the phone when I call or I will sing the enitre birthday song on your voicemail!

  5. RockDog says:

    HAPPY BIRTHYDAY!!! You look hot for 55!

    Have a kick ass weekend!

  6. luckybuzz says:

    Yep–the Snow White Turnip might become my happy place picture too. 🙂

    And I LOVE the photos! Gret is amazing. And your boys are absurdly beautiful. 🙂

  7. Gospel Bob says:

    I second the sentiments! That sounds like one of the best birthdays ever and you deserve it! I wish I was closer to your bushes though. Stalking just doesn’t feel as dangerous this way.

    Two big “Oh my Gods” to the Gretty gift and the twinkletoed turnip!

  8. Jay says:

    Happy Birthday Crse!!!

  9. Crawlspace says:

    Happpy Birthday.

  10. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Oh my goodness…Snow White…Tee hee…you are ruining the kids. But that’s ok…my oldest nephew dressed as a girl for Halloween when he was 2

  11. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday girly! And can I say that I Love Love Love what you do to your little man? Those pictures are hysterical! Man, if I had a kid, I’d so do that too! LOL

    Hope it was a wonderful day! You deserve it and more!

    Sending you a werther’s through the sky! 🙂

  12. Jenny Ryan says:

    He is adorable!! 🙂 So glad you had such a good birthday!

  13. Factor 10 says:


    Hope it was fabulous!

  14. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Happy B-day cos I forgot to say it yesterday and I am a tard. BTW what the heck is a panflute?

  15. Mert says:

    LOL about the catheter! Happy Birthday buddy! Sorry I missed it… sounds like you got some great gifts, I really love the pictures that Gretty put together for you.

  16. RockDog says:

    CRSE Reminder…this saturday…and every saturday…

    RockDog Unleashed Saturdays @ Midnight!

  17. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    you need to come see my latest post!!!

    Really you do 🙂

  18. crse says:

    Aww bunny- She does! She really does! Sept 6 is next Thursday. Consider yourself added!

    Gretty- (in the same vein as the gretty musical) Well thats how much I feel…feel for you baby…

    Maggie May- Thank you! It has the dual purpose of making sure that eventually my lawn gets mowed for the rest of his life too. Or he will be a cross dresser. Either will be fine for me.

    Ash- No song? AAASHHHHH I WANT A SONG!!! (no pressure, mostly kidding)(although it would be very cool)(but no pressure)

    Rockdog- Thank you. Did I win?

    LB- Im going to send that to you baby. You are a birthday present unto yourself.

    GB- Awwww…you are tucked away in the bushes of my heart. If its any consolation, I would so call the cops if you were here right now! Thats how much I mess you guys.

    Jay,Crawlspace, MOTD, Lisa, Jenny Ryan and Jen- Thanks Folks! (and Lisa im savoring the virtual werther’s!)

    Mert!- Isnt she talented? She amazes me.

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