Fifth grade: Cast of characters

Ok friends, totally late this morning but need to set the stage before i go back in:

DeathRay- This would be our resident classmate with Down’s Syndrome. I realize the stereotypes of chidren with Down’s Syndrome as cheerful sunny and adorable are just that. But Im hear to tell you friends. Deathray? As Madame Fabu pointed out…She aint no Corky. She is a mean spirited bossy little thing that sucks me in every time because she is cute. And makes me want to punch her by the end of every interaction.

Olga- DeathRay’s aide. I liked Olga for about a minute. Then I realized that she is merely an extension of death ray.

Brutus- Another classmate. He has this weird symbiotic relationship with Perfect Storm. She needs his help and he needs to help her. He is great. Our first lunch conversation consisted of him explaining why he is now on meds to control his angry behaviors. Unfortunately he reports that they dont seem to be working.

Spitdrool Steven- SDS kind of reminds me of forrest gump with a saliva problem. Its a little gross. I couldnt figure out my antipathic reaction to him for several days. Then I realized that he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. Who was much smarter and less gump-like. And only produced saliva when necessary. And dumped me making me extremely bitter.

Ok many more to come but thats a little slice of what Im walking into this morning. Have a fantastic monday!


2 Responses to Fifth grade: Cast of characters

  1. luckybuzz says:

    Wow. That’s quite a cast. Can’t wait to hear more stories…

  2. […] My “group” consisted of the perfect storm, Spit Drool Steve and a lumpy mannish and curiously off-putting young lady who seemed insulted every time I spoke to […]

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