My newest credential

As well you can imagine, im quite proud. My pride is only slightly lessened by the fact that the little kid with me also got a certificate and her pretzel was a piece of shit. After I got over the bitterness that she skated right into the title , I realized, my work will speak for itself.


17 Responses to My newest credential

  1. Bunny says:

    Well, it’s not quite “THE OFFICIAL DRINK OF THE ROCKDOG UNLEASHED SHOW” but it will do. If your job doesn’t work out, there’s always a place for you at Auntie Anne’s!

  2. mrs.lipsticky says:


    You have surpassed your goal to entertain me–almost so that I’ll be late for work today!

    -mrs.lipsticky (lucy’s buddy)

  3. Jenny Ryan says:

    That is awesome!

    Pretzels ROCK!

  4. gretty says:

    You can twist my pretzel anytime buddy!

  5. luckybuzz says:

    So proud of you. *sniff*

  6. Jay says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your talents.

    Did you tell the kid her pretzel sucked and yours was better? I would have. 😉

  7. Lucy says:

    I wish I had a pretzel certificate. I lean toward the twisted.

  8. Stinkbait Boucher says:

    I played Twister once but the rules had been explained poorly. I doubted at the time that Reverend McFeeley was really supposed to touch me there but, given that he’d brought the mat, I’d felt that arguing his tactics might prove bad form.

    That notwithstanding, congratulations. Is there a rematch in the works?

  9. Canada says:

    That’s pretty awesome. So, what’s next for you in this acquisition of awards? I think an Oscar, no a Golden Globe (they’re prettier) would look great on your desk . . .

  10. The Mistress of the Dark says:


    Now make me a pretzel!

  11. RockDog says:

    You should open your own Pretzel Shack and make sexually explicit shapes. It know I’d buy them!


    PS…I like Bunny. She recognized your worthy accomplishment on our show! Sweet!

  12. Gospel Bob says:

    I feel your pretzel pain. It is a lot like the term doctor or lawyer. The people in the bottom of the class graduate and they are called “doc” or “soul sucker” like all their other classmates. Sadly, half the world wouldn’t recognize a well formed pretzel if it were held up right in front of their face like a cat mask. Grrrrrrr.

  13. Mert says:

    Oh the outrage! You should have demanded to speak to the manager, they’re lowering the curve!

  14. Xavier Onassis says:


  15. Bunny says:

    Me again – I tagged you! Come by and check it out.

  16. crse says:

    Bunny- Its more comforting than you might think.

    Mrs. L- I think I know your true identity! (if you’ve ever walked through your neighborhood with a bloody mary in hand, Im sure i do!)Im so glad you are here!

    Jenny- Thanks!

    Gretty- whooohoooo!

    LB- its the little things eh?

    Jay- Awwww! Professionalism forbade me to speak of it but we both knew.

    Ash- hehehe

    SB- well that explains a lot. I can only imagine what a pretzel making session of your youth would be like. Im…sorry. Actually we do have a rematch. One that involves her facing the true limitations of her talents compared to mine. She just does not know it.

    Canada- The sky is the limit baby.

    MOTD- I could you know…

    Rockdog- I got my stein! I have to admit its better than the OPT certificate. I may do the pretzel thing once the mental health thing runs its course. Ill keep you posted.

    GB- So true friend. So true. sigh…

    Mert- its the way of the world.

    XO- thank you!

    Bunny- Im checking it out now!

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