I bought bad pie and I cannot lie

And no Lucy they were not market day pies. They were pies of shit. If I told my blogger friends how many pies I own right now, it would shock you all. (I say own because my pies are currently being housed in three different locations. No wait four) I own eleven pies right now. I had thirteen. Thankfully, only five of the thirteen pies were bad pies. I have no good reason for owning eleven pies. In essence? The pies are physical manifestations of my boundary problems. Generally, Im ok with a physical reminder of bad boundaries as long as it’s tasty. The not so tasty ones make me want to step up my therapy rotation.

The democratic debate is on. I miss Mike Gravel. Joe Biden has the most disturbing forehead Ive ever seen. Is it me or is Wolf Blitzer kind of bitchy tonight?

I want to give more to you tonight friends. You deserve it. But Im congested and sleepy. Its good to be back though…


10 Responses to I bought bad pie and I cannot lie

  1. gigglechick says:

    I’m watching a rerun of the debate right now and they really needed a buzzer rather than Wolf butting in with “alright…. alright….” or “ok” to keep the candidates’ answers within the time limit. it just started bothering the heck out of me.

  2. Jay says:

    I like pie. Pie makes me happy. Chocolate and apple are my favorites. Key lime and lemon are pretty good too.

    Now I’m hungry.

    I refuse to watch any of the debates. Wolf is a moron.

  3. luckybuzz says:

    Wait a minute. I can’t believe I’m the first to say this, but I need more on the pies. Why do you own thirteen pies?

    I’m going to need to hear this story.

  4. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    11 pies? WTF my friend, WTF!

  5. Maggie says:

    I’m with LB. How does one come to own 13 pies? This is very unclear to me.

  6. RockDog says:

    This is the most I’ve seen mention of pies ever! Well, since last weekend anyway when I watched “Barely Legal Cream Pies #23″…but that’s a whole other story…

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Bunny says:

    Did you make these pies? Did you buy them? Are they for Thanksgiving? Are they frozen?

    WTF is the story behind the pies????

    Next on Food Network – Behind the Pies: Crse and the Comi-tragic Baked Goods

  8. Crawlspace says:

    Fecal matter makes for a disappointing pie filling.

  9. Lucy says:

    Thanks for the marketday clarification. I almost got worried about my contribution to thanksgiving.

    I want to hear the story of the 13 pies, but the phrase “boundary problem” answered the question of why for me.

  10. crse says:

    Gigglechick- Thanks for coming by! I COMPLETELY agree! Im not a huge wolf fan in the first place. The “alright”s just made him seem like more of an ass than usual!

    Jay- See above re: wolf. I like pie too my friend. I never thought id be blogging about bad pie. Never.

    LB, Maggie May, MOTD- I want it to be more interesting than it is. Just for your sake.

    Rockdog- My license says yes but my daddy says no!!! Hell yeah! You my boy rock!

    Bunny- you are inspiring to make pie lies.

    Crawlspace- indeed it does my friend. Indeed it does.

    Lucy- Aww lucy. You knows me sister. You knows me.

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