guilt vs. avoidance? Guilt wins again!

It takes a frowny face email friends. It’s my thursday small supervision groups. They know how to work me(Well hell, they are counselors and social workers, they should know!). Im sorry. I do have blog-guilt every day friends. Lately though, I fear thinking creatively will hurt my brain. But today I woke up to a frowny sad face email from my friend Drew (because she looks like a young drew barrymore. Before she went bad. I mean like when she was ten. Except if she had grown up without the hard living) saying she missed the blog. OHHH OK. What do I got though? Let’s see? I can recite entire sections of Elmo in Grouchland now. (For those of you uninitiated, it’s the story of one monster’s journey to face the darkest part of evil in order to get his blanket bank. In doing so, he manages to break through widespread apathy and unite all of grouchanity. It really was inspiring the first seventy five times or so. Now we all want to put our eyes out and puncture our eardrums as soon as bert and ernie come on the screen.)(My favorite part being when the bad guy Huxley describes how he owns everything everything he touches. “You see this tennis racket? PING I own it. This hammer? PING I own it. This velvet painting of Elvis? I didn’t really want it PING I own it. And this blanket, I didn’t borrow it. I didn’t rent it. I didn’t even taken out a thirty six month lease on it but ohhhhh PING I own it.” Thats masterful dialogue friends. Masterful dialogue. Ok, Im off to work friends. Ill try to be better and catch up soon. This time it’s different….honest…


6 Responses to guilt vs. avoidance? Guilt wins again!

  1. Ash says:

    I HATE ELMO IN GROUCHLAND! It is my dream to never see that movie again. Thank GAWD it got all scratched up and had to be thrown away.


  2. says:

    I’m so glad you’re back!

    Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I cast back in my mind to the post you wrote that included having to yell at someone, “You are not the boss of the marshmallows!!” and my whole day just brightens up 🙂

  3. gill_smoke says:

    “It’s an honor to join his collection”

  4. Bunny says:

    My son used to love Elmo in Grouchland. His younger sister has yet to see it. Hmmmm . . . wonder why that is? Unfortunately, those fools at the local PBS station rejiggered the schedule and she was exposed to Barney. We spent years shielding our son from Barney, but now the Girl adores him. I may dig out Elmo, just for a change of pace. But nothing can get me to put new batteries in Tickle Me Elmo or Chicken Dance Elmo. NOTHING.

  5. The Mistress of the Dark says:

    Miss you!!! I’m so glad I never was exposed to Elmo movies, and I hope that I never am!

  6. Factor 10 says:

    I just need to say, for the record, I saw Elmo in Grouchland at the movies.

    Once was plenty.

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