Can you smell what the crse’s cooking?

I have very little context for this phrase but am certain it relates to the DODGEBALL PLAY-OFF GAME (oh yeah say my name bitch) that we are in tonight. YEAH THATS RIGHT. PLAY-OFF!!! I missed the game last week as I was in a hospital out of town listening to a beautiful little girl narrate du-rah to me between stomach pains and traumatic room visits from  nurses and cleaning crew alike (I felt so bad for the poor woman who emptied the trash). “I can’t like boots.” (talk to your cousin about how he would be the proverbial watson to dora’s holmes) “I help daddy with the tape too.” (Ill bet you do darlin’, Ill bet you do)  “I show mama the sharp rocks” (sweetie Im guessing since you probably make her watch this at least three times a day, she probably sees them coming). As a result, I had about fourteen short lived hours of believing that our standing in second to last place had led us to this triumphant progression. (We had beaten the only other completely beaten team the week before. But damn we rocked that night and beat them good).  Alas, I don’t recall if it was Drew or Shakes who broke the news that all the teams qualified for play-offs. Still, I caught a ball last time I played. I was so freaking pumped by this, it was actually two entire weeks later that I remembered getting out and leaving the court virtually seconds after it happened.  (Spike, one of our two star players, inadvertently reminded me of this unfortunate reality when relating how I trashed talked my way right off the court, still completely overjoyed by my surprising success) But this time friends, Im ready. Granted I only slept two hours and Im pretty sure my game shirt is smelly if not drenched in spilled soda from being in the car all week, but my head? ITS ALL THERE BABY. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the our humiliating upset of the second place team. BALLS OF STEEL BABY!!! BALLS! OF! STEEL!


6 Responses to Can you smell what the crse’s cooking?

  1. Trelvix says:

    And? Victorious? Do you have a cheering section and a banner that reads “They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Death”?

    You need one of those.

  2. gill_smoke says:

    No,they don’t. And they lost.

  3. Andrea says:

    Dodgeball, when is that game going to be made illegal?

  4. Bunny says:

    I’m sorry you lost 😦

    I hated dodgeball in school and I suspect I would hate it just as much now that I’m a wide target!

  5. crseum says:

    Trelvix- Kind sir. It was ugly. Fifteen minutes and we were all drinking beer at the bar next door. I agree. We clearly need the banner.
    Gill- I smell an easter present idea!
    Andrea- um….when it’s not fun any more?
    Bunny- It’s much funner now. The balls are softer!

  6. ZigZagMan says:

    When I was in high school, we loved dodge ball. So much so we had to up the adrenaline out of school, and play a similar game with bb guns…..ahh memories. Dave, if your reading this..stop bitching…I missed your eye by a good 2 inches….:)

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