For Shakes

My good friend Shakes turned 30 today. From all reports it was a rough one for her. Lots of drinking and crying. Turns out Shakes is afraid she’s seen the best of life already and nothing else is ahead for her. Now Shakes knows I don’t even REMEMBER turning 30, but I recognize this is probably little consolation. So here is what I got for you sweetie:

You think your life is over but I think you are just beginning on the greatest adventure yet. You’ve gotten all the standard trappings out of the way and now you will focus on becoming the woman you want to be. You may find a new voice for yourself. You might completely recreate your identity. You may invent, build, design and/or bring forth a brand new type of wonderful the world doesn’t even know it needs yet.  You are going to discover the beauty and the strength that we all see in you. You are going to celebrate and unleash your inner wild woman.  So Im not sorry for you today. Im very happy. Happy that I know you. Happy that you turned 30. And happy that I get to witness the exciting adventure that will be your 30s.  Happy birthday sunshine.


7 Responses to For Shakes

  1. Jay says:

    30 is no big deal. 40 wasn’t much a big deal either.

  2. luckybuzz says:

    Someone once said to me, “In your 30s, you finally start to get used to yourself.”

    That makes a lot of sense to me.

    I always say that turning 30 was the best thing I’ve done. I’m hoping that turning 40 is even better…

  3. Trelvix says:

    I have no recollection of my thirtieth birthday – that’s how much of a non-event it’s become.

    Now that I put that in writing though, damn, I have no recollection of my thirtieth birthday. What if I have early-onset senility? You know what, it sucks to get old. I think.

    Happy birthday to your friend anyway. I guess.

  4. Jennfactor10 says:

    I have glorious memories of my thirtieth birthday. While I might wish for the BODY I had in my early twenties, I’d have to say that I have NO desire for my twenties back.


    Get me liquored up and I may sob for twenty three, before I married the Ex, but I don’t think so…

  5. -bodacious- Geliebter says:

    Crse, you’re a great friend and I hope you know that!

  6. Bunny says:

    I enjoyed turning 30. I didn’t appreciate 40 so much, but 30 was good. After all, 30 is the new 20!

  7. crseum says:

    Jay- I mean it’s all whether or not you buy into the base ten system anyway right?
    LB- You turning thirty was one of the best things IVE ever done! How could forty not be great for all of us?
    Trelvix- I seriously can only remember working, getting into a fight with gill over car repairs and take out for dinner. I think. I guess I prefer oldness to dying. I think. So far.
    Jen- I hear that sister. Except im good with who i was with at 23. So far….hehe (kidding gill)
    BG_ Awww you are too sunshine!
    Bunny-Ive heard that. I like to say 37 is the new 12.

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