Day Four: Rumors Of Reinforcement On The Horizon

The troops are thinning here. Mostly because Ive given up on serving meals. We are now grazing from at least a half a dozen open cereal boxes. I did find a partially eaten pudding cup next to Norm’s bed today. Based on the way it squished under my feet, I can assume it was relatively fresh. People are using available resources to survive. I’m very proud.

Im pretty sure my dad is screening my calls right now.

Im already dreading the morning drag to school tomorrow.

I never planned to be a parent who condoned “clothing optional” house-dwelling. Particularly in relation to the unpotty-trained.

There will probably be more later.


5 Responses to Day Four: Rumors Of Reinforcement On The Horizon

  1. luckybuzz says:

    We have no fewer than 12 open cereal boxes at any one time around here. Is that wrong? Because if grazing on cereal is wrong, I have no interest in being right.

  2. lucy says:

    Think of it as training for Survivor Hiroshima. I do believe that your family’s fortune will be made in reality tv.

    Pudding cups are a good source of calcium.

  3. Jay says:

    Kids need to learn to survive at an early age. They can’t be dependent on their parents forever! 😉

  4. Wendylady says:

    Cereal is at least fortified with vitamins and minerals and the calcium in the pudding helps that be assorbed. As for the amount of boxes, “varity is the spice of life!”

  5. Bunny says:

    Sounds much like my own home. Too much for comfort, really.

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