Fuck You Permalink! (part 1)

Should there be a comma to indicate that Im directing the “fuck you” to the permalink? Frankly, I don’t even really know or care to learn what a permalink is. On with random dashes of crap!

– I hate sunrise. There. I said it. I will give you a moment to murmur to yourselves in shock and disapproval as you wonder (Hey! Are you judging me right now? Dammit people Im naked here!) (Metaphorically naked, of course. It’s far too cold to be naked this am) “crse? who hates sunrise? Are you some sort of vampiric demon woman whose skin is burnt by the purity of sunlight?” Well…no. At least, I don’t think so, although I am somewhat fair-skinned. I do like sun. Something about sunrise, however, just makes my body feel defeated. I know I have some chronically insomniacal readers out there. Is this common? Give me some love about this if you’re feeling it too.

– Crse Meal Planning PSA: When you aren’t feeling breakfast-y in the morning but you know you need to eat, may I recommend tortilla chips and creamy salsa? I am indulging myself now and must say, Im quite delighted with myself regarding this observation. This little repast from heaven is only slightly marred by the fact that my chips taste like they were fried in grease scraped out of the ass of someone with suspect grooming practices. The creamy salsa helps though…..

The next set of dashes are specific to yesterday:

– You know it is going to be a bad morning when you are discussing the finer points of disarming a fifth grade student before 9am. On a positive note, she did give up the knives willingly AND the crisis did add validity to the fact that I was blowing off the PTO “decorating session” for our school’s elementary version of “Dancing With The Stars”. It’s also good that she doesn’t really understand the concept of knives as weapons. (our girl’s a country girl.) She is still suspended but it’s in-school and I think it’s going to be ok.

– Things did turn to the good for a while as I met Madame Fabu for lunch at Sheetz. (well…lunch pick-up). Apparently, Madame had some sort of odd interaction with the cashiers while she was waiting for me, (I begged her not to order until I got there. She, being used to my quirks doesn’t question this sort of thing, but my reason for having her wait revolves around my co-dependent need to protect her from making MTO mistakes that reflect some of Sheetz’s less brilliant fare.) (As we all know, Im a Sheetz connoisseur and know of which I speak) involving a miscommunication where she felt the need to explain she wasn’t loitering and they felt the need to explain that they thought they missed her order. Whatever happened, they ended up giving us each a little packet of coupons and a frequent MTO card. I didn’t even know they HAD frequent MTO cards! As if it couldn’t get any sweeter, Madame also tells me that there are more coupons waiting for me in my mailbox. (I think this was Lonnie Manko. Shout out! You ROCK LONNIE MANKO!). Yes friends, things were shaping up.

-Before we wrap up the Sheetz portion of the post, if any of my gentle readers are also fans of the MTO (for the uninitiated, MTO is a little computer system they have where you can order meal and beverage items custom made. The menu is surprisingly elaborate for a convenient store kitchen set-up. They have burgers! And paninis! But read on…) I highly recommend the mozzarella pesto panini. Now I should warn you that Madame Fabu, having the double perspective of being Italian and spending some time geographically close to a city where “real” paninis are made, is adamant that what they are serving is by no means an actual panini. But me, I don’t care if you call it Guido Bambino, if you smother it in cheese and pesto, you’ve got a winner in my eyes.

– Shall we just cut to the crappy part? Yes let’s. So if you recall from yesterday’s post, I was crunching numbers to prepare for a confrontation with a rude (and stupid) professional. Well let me just tell ya how that played out. But first a preface (skip the preface if you don’t care about how it all fits together in a way that makes sense) Wait…do you need a bathroom break? This turned out way longer than I thought. Go ahead. Ill wait…….


3 Responses to Fuck You Permalink! (part 1)

  1. luckybuzz says:

    The relative “charm” (or “horror”) of sunrise really does depend on which side you’re seeing it from. Historically, I’ve enjoyed sunrises when I’ve been up all night, because it’s meant I’m having a good drunken night, usually. Waking up for them, not so much. Though I sense that my feelings about this issue are about to change dramatically.

    And I am shocked–shocked!–that you enjoy pesto. I would not have guessed that in a million years. 🙂

  2. Wendylady says:

    As far as sunrise goes if it comes to soon after you close your eyes it is a nusance! However if you manage to sleep well and wake up when all the light is out it feels glorious. Waking up the brain and body. Yes, I too understand the love/hate relationship with the sun and it’s rising to early some mornings. As far as breakfast on days like these KIDS CEREAL is quick easy and no milk required. Also fortified w/vitamins. Or if all else failes there is always instant breakfast or the ever helpful DRIVE-THRU sometimes this is a life saver. P.S. Pesto is the nector nessasary for a happy day. pasta, pizza, cream cheese w/crackers, sandwich you name it and I think I just might try it. Matter of fact made it Tuesday on angel hair pasta w/lemon pepper pork loin chops w/sherry cooked in and simmered over chops. YUMMY!!!!

  3. Canada says:

    I only enjoy sunrise like Luckybuzz does. It’s highly annoying if it comes too soon, or if you’re sleep deprived/insomniacal (is that a word? It is now!). And getting up for sunrise? WHY? Seriously, why, when sunset is there at a civilized hour?

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