stop 1. 26 miles in.

did i mention my father in law was a career marine? im fairly certain thia means he has little if any frame of reference for a gas station convenience store visit lasting over 30 minutes. and yes this means his annoyance with us continues to escalate. gill is next to me insisting he was a victim in this stop. friends he was not. i am just glad we are in a different car.


One Response to stop 1. 26 miles in.

  1. wendylady says:

    I do understand this more than you realize. My dad was a “Lifer” as they put it. You are lucky he had a 30min tolorance. My dad was 5-10 min for everything rest stops, showers, getting ready to go some where if fancy we got 15. If we weren’t ready we didn’t go or when really bitchy no-one got to go. They also like to point out why other people are idiots for taking to long to do something or “doing it the hard way” AAHHH….The memories of family road trips with an A personality patriarc.

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